Zz-A reader's testimony TREASURES from Heaven


               The following was sent to me by a dear brother in our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the TREASURES that he has found over the years reading and studying the Bible while allowing the Holy Spirit dwelling in him to lead and guide him to find these TREASURES FROM HEAVEN. We all have a testimony to tell and I asked him if I could share his testimony of the treasures that he has found in God's word of truth, the Holy Bible. 

                Here is what he writes:

Hi Mark,

A work in progress.

Some gems found by searching.

As I approach 70 I am increasingly aware of my need to communicate what has been given to me by God, one of the keys that let you into the kingdom of light. Time is short and my witness is weak but this is my legacy for treasure seekers.

The world's false religions, including what is called traditional Christianity, have offered only lies and death and their blasphemous ways are opposed to God. Better to not have lived than to risk the anger of God through participation in such error.

The way is plain and only men think there are options.

There is one God Who is in heaven.

From Him, by His Spirit, everything has flowed.

From Him have come all the true teaching and all the miracles done.

He gave us the Bible as a living record of His work and as a lifeline to Him. Know that God wants us to study it and compare verses to understand it. He has offered us a share of His Spirit to grasp the knowledge of deeper matters. The sharing of the Spirit is essential to salvation.

He spoke to men in many ways, through nature, through the prophets and through His Son and those joined to His Son and to Him. But the teaching and the amazing work was all His, done by His Spirit through faithful human vessels.

Do not join with the unbelievers who misunderstood the Son and servant of God and thought he was claiming to be God. If you listen to the Son you will know he ascribed his works to his Father God.

God spoke through His Son as well as through the apostles and prophets and we need to discern the voice of God from the vessel used by God. It is the treasure within his human vessel that made the claims that confused the worldly. 

Do not join with the unbelievers who do not know their Father God and instead have created a trinity god to worship. The worship God requires is not in religious buildings but in spirit and truth. The temple God has prescribed is within man, not the structures men have built.

Do not be confused by the spiritual language of scripture. It is from the viewpoint of God who sees the future as the present. It does not follow the rules of logic of men.

Understand that the Word is Spirit, of the One Spirit. That Word was made flesh in the chosen one at the Jordan, who is the Lamb of God slain in the mind of God before the foundation of the world. John said that he touched the Word, the Word made flesh. 

Understand that Christ refers to the anointing Spirit so which cannot be conceived or born but is of the rebirth of men of the Spirit and from above. Flesh contributes nothing so references to Christ are references to the anointing Spirit.

Jesus became the spiritual son of God by being given a share of the Spirit at the Jordan. Thence God was in him reconciling the world to Himself. In the same way, God can work in us to will and to do.

(spiritual son??? I personally do not see that the Son of man was raised with a spiritual body if that is what you are saying. Surely Jesus had a physical body during the days of his flesh and the fulness of the Godhead dwelt in the human body of Jesus.)

Conclusions from what scripture has revealed to me.

God is not a trinity. That is the teaching of misguided men.

God never taught about any trinity through his prophets and apostles. 

Choose whom you will believe-God or man.

Beware of human idols.

The trinity heresy arose 200yrs after the death of Jesus, just as he had warned us. The Wolves devoured the sheep.

Man's lifeless religion has continued, though constantly dividing.

It has no connection with the Head of the Body of Christ.

Jesus Is not God but is a man, the son of God.

He is the the son of David as He was conceived of Mary.

He is a human vessel like us in all ways except sin.

He was made like us so we could follow him.

The body of Christ is united and enlivened by the Spirit of life. 

You cannot become joined to it by any intellectual decision. 

All must repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus.

You must be born again of water and the Spirit.

Jesus was not born anointed but was anointed at the Jordan. 

Jesus was made both Lord and Christ.

The Spirit is as the finger of God, inseparable from Him.

We can follow this anointed man, Jesus of Nazareth.

Heaven is the abode of God and not the destiny of men. 

After death man abides in the earth till the resurrections and judgment. 

Those who have not obeyed the Son will have to hope in the specified mercy of God.

It is dangerous to trust in men and their religious ideas.

Those who claim to be divinely appointed leaders are deceived.

It is safer to seek God alone through prayer and the bible. 

God is close to all men by His Spirit.

He wants men to seek Him.

His wish is that all may know Him.

He wants all to share in His Spirit of life. his divine nature of immortality in the worlds to come

Everything is coming to an end and the seeds of the new creation are already being planted. God wants to save all bringing them from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.

Light for those in darkness. 40 years of searching for treasure.

                Our dear brother in our Lord Jesus Christ wishes his name be withheld. I understand his request. I feel the same way about taking credit for what God has revealed to us. I only use my first name for the same reason.
                Thanks for reading and if you have a testimony that you would like to share please write I and I will post as many testimonies that glorify our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus as this page allows.

Brother Mark.