S101-0 The JEWISH MESSIAH is Jesus!

S101-0. The JEWISH Messiah is Jesus!

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S101-0. The JEWISH Messiah is Jesus!


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Now, almost every Christian knows and understands that Jesus is a JEW, more precisely a Judahite, born in the lineage of the Tribe of Judah, which is one of the twelve Tribes of Israel. In other words, an Israelite named Judah is the fourth son of Israel, also called Jacob the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham. Jacob was given the name Israel by God and Jacob had twelve sons who became the fathers of the Hebrew nation called Israel. Each of the 12 sons of Jacob had children and those children are called the “Children of Israel” pretty much through the whole Old Testament of the Bible.

However, SOME Christians, namely the Jesus Words ONLY Christians, CLAIM that ALL of the people called the Jews in the Bible are the Edomite people of the lineage of Esau. And therefore, to THEM, the Jews in the land of Israel today are all FAKE Jews. And to me, the ONLY reason that I can see as to WHY they believe this is that they HATE the teachings of the Apostle Paul claiming that it was Satan that appeared to Saul in the vision of the road to Damascus. And thus, to THEM, the Apostle Paul is a FASLE teacher, because to THEM it seems that Paul contradicts the teachings of Jesus.

But what does the Bible ITSELF teach us in SIMPLICITY?

And, HOW did ALL of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel become to be called the JEWS? I mean why does the Bible use the MODERN English word JEW instead of the word Judahite or children of Judah? 

These questions will be answered in the following chapters of this book called S101-0 The JEWISH Messiah Jesus! PLEASE read the chapters in the ORDER that I have written them because each chapter explains things to better help you to understand the next chapter and the chapter after that.

This book is dedicated to a dear brother in our Lord Jesus Christ, and had God not led him to write to me warning me about the FAKE Jews, then I might not have ever truly studied this subject as DEEPLY as I have done. So thank you my brother in our Lord Jesus Christ for being so bull-headed, no offense intended. Bull-headed can also mean rock solid FAITH in something that is TRUE. And it is TRUE that there were some so-called FAKE Jews in the days of Jesus, as in, there was a CERTAIN SECT of Jews who HATED Jesus with a passion and they were in LEAGUE with the HERODIANS.

So please understand that ALL of the Jews in the Bible were NOT ALL fake Jews who hated Jesus. For you see, many Jews did indeed BELIEVE that Jesus was their Messiah. There are Christians in the church who are not true born again Christians but that does NOT mean that ALL Christians are hypocrites or FAKE Christians. And that is how it truly was with the Jews in the days of Jesus. SOME were fake but MOST were true Judahites. And MANY Judahites of the Tribe of Judah and the Tribe of Benjamin were indeed saved on the Day of Pentecost.

Here are the links to the chapter of this book called S1-1-0 The JEWISH MESSIAH is Jesus!

Each chapter address a QUESTION raised by our dear brother in the Lord who DOUBTS that the Apostle Paul is a true Apostle of Jesus Christ. And thus, he sincerely believe with all his heart the the teachings of the Apostle Paul cannot be TRUSTED. So please pray for him and other Christians to see that the teachings of Paul do NOT contradict the teachings of Jesus.


S101-1. Does Paul Bear Witness of HIMSELF?

S101-2. Does Luke CONTRADICT himself?

S101-3. Did Paul Come in his OWN NAME?

S101-4. Did Saul CHANGE his Name of Paul?


S101-6. What Does John 8:33 TRULY MEAN?