Some of my readers have been asking if I have a video teaching on some of the subjects that I do not yet have any video teachings on that particular subject. I only have a few video teachings of my own on YouTube and only on a few subjects. Most of my Bible studies are written but I do plan on making video teaching in the future. But for now, I went on YouTube and found some videos that I feel are SOUND Biblical teaching on that specific subject heading that I was asked if I had any video teachings on that subject. I say that I feel they are sound Biblical teaching because as you may already know nearly every teacher gets side-tracked and starts teaching on another subject such as the doctrine of the Trinity which I do not teach. Anyway, I feel that these videos will bless my readers and help them to grow in their faith. Scroll down to find the category that you are interested in watching a good teaching video.

Toward the end, I also have a category that has some recommended FAITH BUILDING SONGS that will lift you up and set your feet on a solid foundation to overcome the attacks of the enemy.

Recommended videos on the subject of HOW to be saved.

JESUS is the only way to eternal life

HOW to become a Christian

How to be saved BY grace THROUGH faith in Jesus!

How to ENDURE unto the END to be SAVED!

The truth about how to STAY SAVED!

Recommended videos on the subject of WATER BAPTISM.

Water baptism explained

The COMMANDMENT to be baptized in water

WHY do I baptize in the NAME OF JESUS?

A CLOSER look at Matthew 29:19 is the LIGHT of the WHOLE word of God

Recommended videos on the subject of DIVINE HEALING.

[No videos at this time]

Recommended videos on the subject of the RAPTURE of the church and WHY there will be NO PRE-tribulation rapture. The first link is to my YouTube Channel where I have several videos exposing the errors of interpretation made by those who teach a FALSE PRE-tribulation rapture of the church. Most of the videos on this subject will have a light blue background with words in Italics so you can read along as you listen.

Jesus coming as a THIEF in the NIGHT

WRATH of God VERSUS the great tribulation

Falling away first and the son of perdition revealed

Response to why post-tribulation teaching has problems.

Jesus says when the rapture will take place.

Recommended videos on the subject of WHY the doctrine of eternal torment in hell is NOT sound Biblical teaching.

The TRUTH about Hell

The fire that CONSUMES!

Recommended videos on the subject of the SOUL and WHY the soul is NOT immortal. And WHY soul sleep is NOT sound Biblical teaching. Please understand that while some of these videos that OTHERS will teach the false doctrine of eternal torment in hell for all eternity does NOT mean that I, myself, believe and teach the false doctrines of the immortality of the soul and eternal torment in hell. 

Now just because the soul is NOT IMMORTAL does NOT mean that the soul DIES when the physical body dies. A MORTAL soul does NOT mean that the soul ceases to exist when the body dies. A MORTAL soul does NOT mean that the soul SLEEPS in an UNCONSCIOUS state UNTIL the resurrection. In other words, just because the soul lives on after the body dies does NOT make the soul as being IMMORTAL because there is still yet the Day of JUDGMENT. 

It is complete nonsense for God to offer whosoever BELIEVES eternal life if so be that the soul is already immortal. Adam was NOT created as an immortal being. WHY would God have given Adam a CHOICE to eat from the tree of ETERNAL LIFE and any other tree EXCEPT for the tree of knowledge of good and evil if so be that Adam was already an immortal being? God’s life-giving Spirit is connected to the soul UNTIL the Day of JUDGMENT. And God will, indeed, DESTROY BOTH the soul AND the body of the wicked in the lake of fire on the final Day of Judgment. And ONLY the righteous saved in Jesus will be granted the right to eat of the tree of eternal life.

Our souls sleep until the resurrection-Challenge response

Seventh-Day Adventist doctrine of soul sleep.

Spirit, soul, and body.

The spirit and the soul are CONNECTED together but they are individual parts of man. The spirit gives LIFE or consciousness to the soul. The soul communicates to the physical brain and the five physical senses of the body communicate to the physical brain, So while the spirit and soul live in the physical body that inner man is also connected to the body and gives life to the body. The spirit and soul remain connected after the death of the physical body UNTIL the Day of Judgment. And if the spirit and soul or more accurately if the soul is found worthy to receive eternal life then the life-giving spirit remains connected to the soul. God then resurrects the body of the dead in Jesus Christ and re-unites the spirit and soul to its body. God then changes that mortal body to an immortal body of flesh and bone which is called a spiritual body because it has become immortal. This next video shows the distinctions between the spirit and the soul of man which are CONNECTED. God only separates his life-giving spirit from the souls of the wicked in the lake of fire as BOTH the SOUL AND THE BODY of the wicked are completely destroyed never to rise again. And THEN the life-giving spirit RETURNS to Yahweh.

Spirit versus Soul

In the following video, I agree with everything except two things. The first thing is minor but the second thing is major. The major disagreement that I have is that he believes that the souls of the wicked will live forever in torment and torture in the lake of fire. The minor disagreement is the saints that arose with Jesus do not actually become the firstfruits UNTIL the first resurrection. So Jesus is the ONLY firstfruits unto God at this present time. 

When the spirit and soul leave the body at death

Recommended videos on the subject of Prayer.

[No videos at this time-see below on intercessory prayer]

Recommended videos on the subject of HOW to study the Bible.

[No videos at this time]

Recommended videos on the subject of the Holy Spirit. Please understand that I am recommending the TEACHING in each video that SPECIFICALLY relates to that particular MAIN SUBJECT. In other words, I am NOT recommending everything that these teachers say in their videos on OTHER subjects.

#1. The DIFFERENCE between praying in other tongues and the GIFT of speaking in other tongues in the church.

Does He speak in tongues-Gateway Church

Do NOT forbid speaking in tongues

15 BENEFITS of praying in other tongues

HOW to be FILLED with the Holy Spirit

#2. The DIFFERENCE between the ANOINTING of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of TALENTS that please people but do not change people.

Anointing versus gifting

#3. Learning how to walk in the Spirit.

STIRRING UP the gift of the Holy Spirit dwelling in you

The power of WORSHIP in stirring up the Holy Spirit

#4. Being used by God in INTERCESSORY prayer as the Holy Spirit gives us the words to pray,

Intercessory praying in the Spirit

Recommended SONG videos on YouTube. 

Now, I realize that every Christian has their own taste in the type of music they like to listen to. So if your taste in music is different that is alright but you can still use these songs as a PATTERN to follow because it is the WORDS in the songs that are the most important thing. In other words, you do NOT want to listen to songs with NEGATIVE words of COMPLAINING and speaking of how bad things are in your life always begging God to set you free.

But rather, you want to listen to songs that speak FAITH-filled POSITIVE confessions. Songs of VICTORY, Songs of OVERCOMING. Songs filled with words that you will never quit or give up. Songs that BUILD your faith. And the WORDS in these suggested songs will indeed lift you up and build your faith. During the 1970s there were a lot of song artists singing these types of songs of faith-filled words. But as the year passed by, the words in some Christian songs seemed to give more glory to the devil than they do to God. But there are some song artists who are still writing and singing Holy Spirit ANOINTED songs filled with faith BUILDING words.

This first group of songs is by a female singer named Janny Grein who I listened to in the 70s and her songs truly built my faith.

Covenant woman!


Keep on casting your bread upon the water!


Don't give the devil an opportunity!


Keep on saying it!


He cares for me!


Free Indeed!


More than Conquerors!


O Magnify the Lord!


Jesus is the Rock the rolled my blues away!


Doesn't feel good!


If you do not like this singer at least try and listen to the WORDS. They are powerful.

Again, everyone has their own style of music.

This next group of songs is from different singers both male and female. Remember it is the WORDS that are important but when the MUSIC also MOVES you then the anointing will be stronger. And at times, WE must listen and sing along by FAITH to STIR UP the Holy Spirit within us. It is kind of like priming a well. You have to put some water in the pump first in order to draw the water up out of the well. So if none of the songs in either list lift you up to feel the joy and presence of Almighty God or at least lifts your spirits a little then you need to get yourself surrounded by Holy Spirit-filled anointed believers to get some of their water to stir up the Holy Spirit dwelling in you. And when you get the Holy Spirit stirred up never allow your joy to fade away so LOW every again.

Here is the second list of Songs.

Victory chant mighty warrior medley

Above all else

Break every chain

Rise up

Voice of Truth!

Hello Beautify by MercyMe

Heaven is HERE! By MercyMe 

Waging War by Cece Winans

Lord, I believe in you by Crystal Lewis

The CROSS has made YOU FLAWLESS! By MercyMe

GREATER! God sees you as he sees Jesus


Never too far gone! By Jordan Feliz


You're an OVERCOMER!

And sometimes you just got to get up and DANCE! So do not just WATCH others dance in these videos, get up and DANCE away what gets you down! Stir UP the Holy Spirit within you!

Happy Dance! by MercyMe

Shake! By MercyMe

Move! Keep dancing By MercyMe

Grace God you! By MercyMe

CHANGED! By Jordan Feliz Don’t let life get you down!

Can’t Stop That Feeling! By Justin Timberlake

Be Happy!

The RIVER! Lets’ God down to the river of living water!

Deep Cries Out Dancing in the River!

We Come ALIVE in the river flowing inside!


Some oldies but goodies. Below are some anointed praise songs that really bless me. If you are blessed by these praise and worship singers they have many more songs on YouTube. The last two are my personal favorites!