It should be the deepest desire of all Christians to want and seek to walk pleasing before God. So what PLEASES God or brings him PLEASURE?

Colossians 1:10 tells us to be filled with the knowledge of God's WILL in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; (why?)

“That you may walk WORTHY of the Lord unto all PLEASING, (how?) being fruitful in every GOOD WORK, and increasing in the knowledge of God.”

Let's take a moment and look at the word “worthy”. If something is worthless it is of no use; it has no value. Something that is worthless is cast out and discarded. However, if something or someone is worthy, then they are useful and valued. They are treasured and protected. They are given a place of honor. One of the meanings of the word “worthy” is deserving.

In Revelation 3:4,5 Jesus says this about being found WORTHY.

“You have a few names in Sardis which have NOT defiled their garments (or you have a FEW Christians in Sardis who have NOT SINNED); and they (only those whose garments are NOT defiled, that is to say, ONLY those who have NOT SINNED, ONLY THEY) shall walk with me in white: (why?) for they are WORTHY. He that OVERCOMES the SAME shall be clothed in white raiment: and I will NOT blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.”

The word of God teaches us that we must keep our garments from being defiled in order that we may be accounted WORTHY to walk in white with Jesus. Only the ones who OVERCOME will be clothed in white raiment. Jesus tells us in Matthew 24:14 that only those of us who ENDURE unto the END shall be saved. Jesus said that iniquity or sin shall abound or be great and that the love of many Christians will grow cold and give into sin. Jesus gives us strong warning that only those of us who ENDURE unto the END shall be saved. In other words, we must prove that we believe BY our actions or good works. And ONLY by overcoming sin we will be accounted worthy to walk in white with Jesus. Therefore obeying God's commands is what is PLEASING to God.

Psalm 5:4 says,
"For you are NOT a God that has PLEASURE in wickedness: neither shall evil  DWELL with you.

God is light and in him is NO darkness at all. God is HOLY and it is his WILL for us to be HOLY as well. God has NO PLEASURE in wickedness and consequently will not allow evil in his presence. God has set before us life and death, blessing and cursing, and it is his good pleasure that we CHOOSE life and blessing, but ultimately the CHOICE is up to us. If we choose life, blessing, and righteousness, then God will reward us with abundant life, blessings and, then in the end or in the world to come, eternal life, IF we remain faithful and endure unto the end. But if we turn away from righteousness and return to the lifestyle of sin, then the wages of sin will be death, unless we REPENT and return to walking in righteousness.

God's PLEASURE resides in uprightness or righteousness.

Look at I Chronicles 29:17
I know also, my God that you try the heart, and has PLEASURE in uprightness...”

Our FAITH and what we believe is put to the test and tried in order to see if we truly believe. Jesus gave to us the parable of the sower sowing seed and also gave us the interpretation and said if you don't understand THIS PARABLE, then how can you understand any other parable. In this parable of the sower Jesus tells us that the word of God is sown in our hearts, and then the ENEMY comes and tries to steal the seed or word of God from us by TRYING us to see if we truly believe the word of God. I know the Old Testament says that God tries the heart, but the light of the New Testament reveals to us that it is Satan who tempts and tries our heart, because he is after the word of God. You see the WORD of God is where the power resides and Satan does not want us to know or to have this power.

Romans 1:16 says this about the word of God,
“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for IT is the POWER of God unto salvation to everyone that BELIEVES; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”
Then in 1 Corinthians 1:21 we read,
“...it PLEASED God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that BELIEVE.”

But you see it is not in just the PREACHING alone whereby salvation is attained. One must BELIEVE and ENDURE to the END in order to obtain eternal life, or whatever else he or she may be believing and trusting in God to receive.

Here is what Hebrews 4:2 says about believing the gospel of God's word.

“For unto us was the gospel PREACHED, as well as unto them: BUT the word preached did NOT profit them, (why?) NOT being mixed with FAITH in them that heard it.”

The context of this passage of scripture is speaking of the children of Israel in the wilderness who were overthrown or OVERCOME by the enemy. Now is God PLEASED that his children are overthrown? Absolutely NOT!

Look at 1 Corinthians 10:5 which says,
“But many of them God was NOT well PLEASED: (why?) FOR (or because) they were OVERTHROWN in the wilderness.”

God is NOT pleased when we are overcome by the enemy and deceived into being disobedient to the word of God and give into the temptation to sin.God's WILL is for us to OVERCOME the enemy in every area of our life. God's WILL is for us NOT to SIN!

Hebrews 3:17 says,
“But with WHOM was he (God) GRIEVED forty years? Was it not with them that SINNED,...?”
God gives us PROMISES through his word, but it is up to us to CHOOSE to BELIEVE these TRUTHS in his word. And consequently if we do not choose to believe these truths, then it is automatically accounted to us as unbelief or rejection. What is the opposite of “Well I don't know if I agree with that”? Obviously it is DOUBT and unbelief. Verse 19 goes on to say,
“So we see that they could not enter in (that is to say, they could not enter into the PROMISED land) [WHY?] because of their UNBELIEF.”

You see, God is NOT PLEASED in unbelief, but is well pleased in FAITH. In fact the Bible teaches us that it is IMPOSSIBLE to PLEASE God without FAITH.

Hebrews 11:6 says,
“But WITHOUT FAITH it is IMPOSSIBLE to PLEASE him: for he that comes to God MUST BELIEVE that he is and that he is the rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

There are those that teach that salvation is by faith ALONE, which in part is true, but this is NOT the WHOLE gospel of Jesus Christ. We are saved, that is to say SET FREE from the bondage of sin, but we are not set free from sin to live according to the lusts of the flesh. However, we are set free for the sole purpose that we be empowered to LIVE righteously before God without sin. This is where the well quoted scripture comes into play that the “just shall LIVE by FAITH”. In other words this is HOW we are going to be able to LIVE without sin. It is by FAITH ALONE that EMPOWERS the BELIEVER to OVERCOME the enemy, and NOT as some teach which say, “I believe in Jesus, therefore now I am saved and can never be lost.”

Please read Ephesians 2:8,9 in its context ALONG with verse 10 and you will see the REASON why or for the very PURPOSE for which we are saved, that is to say, the purpose that we have been placed back into right relationship with Almighty God and SET FREE from the bondage of sin. We have been made a NEW creature in Christ Jesus (why?) in order to live by faith continually BELIEVING that we are in fact a NEW creation and that the old sin nature of man is past away and that sin has no more DOMINION over us. We are SET FREE from sin and sin has no more power or dominion over us to keep us slaves to sin. Ephesians 2:10 tell us that we are CREATED in Christ or a new creation for the purpose of doing GOOD WORKS.

And 1 John 5:3,4 tells us one way of HOW we overcome the enemy,
“For THIS is the LOVE of God, that we KEEP his COMMANDMENTS. For whatsoever is born of God OVERCOMES the world: and THIS is the VICTORY that OVERCOMES the world, EVEN OUR FAITH.”
Are you a Christian? Are you “born again”? Are you born of God? Does God abide in you? Do you abide in God? Do you “know” God? Does God “know” you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to read the WHOLE gospel of Jesus Christ, and not to pick out isolated verses that when used alone contradict the whole word of God. No it takes more than just saying a sinners prayer and being born again to receive eternal life. We must ENDURE to KEEP all God's commandments unto the END in order to be accounted worthy to obtain eternal life. Look at 1 John 2:3-6,

"And hereby we do know that we know him, IF we KEEP his COMMANDMENTS. 
4. He that says, I know him, and keeps NOT his commandments, is a liar, and the TRUTH is not in him. 
5. But whoso KEEPS his WORD, in him is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him. 
6. He that says he abides in him OUGHT himself ALSO so to walk EVEN as he (Jesus) walked.”

The word “OUGHT” here is NOT just a SUGGESTION, but rather The Greek word that is translated as OUGHT means must without fail, and obligated. So this verse is saying that we are obligated and MUST without fail walk even as Jesus walked WITHOUT SIN. These are the COMMANDMENTS of God and not merely suggestions or guidelines to casually try and follow. We as Christians do not have any other option but to OBEY the COMMANDMENTS of God, apart from which there can and will be NO salvation, or eternal life.

Think of it this way and seriously consider what I am saying. Being saved is a continuous process that BEGINS the moment we accept Jesus as our Savior. At this moment all our sins which we have committed are canceled and washed away no longer to be remember against us. Now at this moment we become plugged into God, so to speak, like a light switch is to electricity. This light switch represents our obedience and disobedience, when we are in obedience to God's commandments then the switch is in the "on" position and our light is lit or is shining,we are walking in the light and when we are in disobedience, then the switch is in the "off" position and our light is off or extinguished and we are walking in darkness. 

Now we are in control of the operation of this switch, so to speak, that is to say we are in control of either CHOOSING to OBEY God's commandments or making the CHOICE to DISOBEY God's word and give into that which tempts us. Keep in mind that we are NOT yet "SAVED" as some teach, because we have NOT yet OBTAIN eternal life. This is our HOPE set before us and we are in a WAY or path of salvation headed toward that goal of obtaining eternal life. You see you can be on a path or journey somewhere and get side tracked, distracted or enticed to take another direction. It may be that you find this new trip or journey more pleasing to you and forget about your destination. The same is true on the “road” to salvation. We can be distracted by the pleasures of sin and get lost, so to speak, from the focus of our destination of eternal life.

Now if at anytime during our journey through life that we should happen to die or Jesus would return, then the determining factor of whether or not we are SAVED at that moment we die or Jesus returns and will receive eternal life is IF we are in obedience to God and our switch is in the ON position and our light is SHINING at this time. In other words no one is truly saved unless they are IN OBEDIENCE to God's WORD and their light is on and shining. We must be abiding IN Christ when we die or Jesus returns and IF we are in sin then we are NOT IN him. You cannot be on both sides of the fence at the same time.
Through our life we are in a process where we undergo temptation from the enemy and sometimes are deceived into being disobedient to God, at which point in time even though we are God's children we make the CHOICE to be disobedient children and consequently therefore remove our self from the presence and protection of God and place our self back into the dominion of the enemy, Satan. Know you not that whom you choose to serve his servants you are, whether righteousness UNTO eternal life or sin unto death. The wages of sin is death. And the REWARD of righteousness is eternal life.

Now IF we were the to die while we are in this state of disobedience or Jesus would return while our light is off, then Jesus would reject us just as he rejects the five foolish virgins who's lights when out , because they had no oil in their lamps.


Salvation is CONDITIONAL. We cannot ignore the WHOLE word of God and just look at a few isolated verses of scripture that are taken out of context to try and show that once you accept Jesus as your savior, then you are eternally saved and no man can pluck you out of the Fathers hand. For a deep understanding of what it means to be saved there are several studies you should read such as:   "I AM THE WAY: WHAT DID JESUS MEAN?",



Ecclesiastes 12:9-14 says this about the WHOLE MATTER.
"And moreover, because the preacher was WISE, he still taught the people knowledge: yea, he gave GOOD HEED, and sought out, and set in order many proverbs, 
10. The preacher sought to find out acceptable words: and that which was written was upright, even the words of TRUTH.
11. The words of the WISE are as goads, and as nails fasten by the masters of assemblies, which are given from ONE shepherd (speaking of our Lord and savior Jesus the Christ). And further, by these (referring back to the WORDS of TRUTH), my son, be ADMONISHED: of making many books there is no end: and such study is a weariness of the flesh.
12. Let us HEAR the CONCLUSION of the WHOLE MATTER: (which is as follows)
13. FEAR God and KEEP his COMMANDMENTS: for this is the WHOLE DUTY of man. 
14. For God shall bring EVERY work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be GOOD, or whether it be EVIL.”



Take a close look at Ephesians 4:6,
"Let no man DECEIVE you with vain words: for because of these things comes the WRATH of God upon the children of DISOBEDIENCE."
I implore you to read the entire context of where this verse is found and you will see that it is a warning to take heed and be not deceived for that you may slip from the truth and go back into disobedience and sin.
The truth of the matter is that no one is truly saved until they draw their last breath or Jesus returns and they are FOUND to be FAITHFUL at that precise moment in time. If you profess to be a child of God and your light is OFF when Jesus returns or you suddenly die in the state of disobedience or sin, then you consequently will be rejected by Jesus and he will say to you, Depart from me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you.
There are consequences to sin. Don't be deceived. Repent speedily if you fall into sin. Repent means to TURN AWAY from sin and to follow after righteousness. To repent does NOT mean to say that you are sorry and then turn right around and commit the same sin. Yes I realize that we all struggle in certain areas from time to time, but if you are ever to overcome this bondage then you must RESIST the temptation to keep committing sin.
We are saved or more correctly translated SET FREE from sin in order to be empowered by FAITH to live righteously without sin. And IF and ONLY IF we endure unto the end in this righteous and godly living, THEN and ONLY THEN will we OBTAIN eternal life. FAITH says that if you RESIST the devil, then he will flee from you. So do not give into sin. Use your FAITH to overcome sin. BELIEVE the word of God and RESIST the devil and God will confirm or perform his word and the devil will flee from you. Please read the study "HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE FREE FROM SIN" for a greater understanding of HOW to overcome sin.

Stay on the road to salvation. Jesus is the WAY or “road” to salvation. Jesus PLEASED the Father. Jesus CHOOSE to please God and not himself.

Romans 15:3 says,
For even Christ PLEASED NOT himself...”
Isaiah 47:21 says,
The Lord's WELL PLEASED for his righteousness sake (or for the sake of his RIGHTEOUSNESS); he (Jesus) will magnify the law, and make it (the commandments of God) HONORABLE.

One of the definitions of the word “honorable” here means creditable. Now the word “creditable” means capable of being credited or assigned. The word “credit” means the belief or confidence in the truth of something, to trust. And the word “assign” means to set apart for a particular purpose, or to select for a duty or task. Jesus FULFILLED or ACCOMPLISHED the law and thereby made the commandments of God HONORABLE or CREDIBLE for us to ALSO follow his steps and KEEP ourselves from sin. We have been CALLED or have been ASSIGNED to perform this task of KEEPING the commandments of God so that we may be found worthy to receive eternal life.

Well done my GOOD and FAITHFUL servant! In other words, you have been faithful to KEEP my commandments, THEREFORE, or for THIS REASON, you may enter into the rest of your Lord. Salvation is CONDITIONAL. Don't be deceived and let your love grow cold.

There are many benefits or rewards now in this present world for those that BELIEVE and KEEP the commandments of God. Remember in Hebrews when we talked about it is impossible to PLEASE God without faith, and that God is the REWARDER of them that diligently seek him.

Look at Ecclesiastes 8:5 which says,
Whoso KEEPS the commandment shall feel NO EVIL thing,...”

Proverbs 16:7 says,
WHEN a man's way PLEASES the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.”

So what is the WAY of man that PLEASES God? Remember in Isaiah God was WELL PLEASED with his Son Jesus for his RIGHTEOUSNESS. God is well pleased when we walk in righteousness. But God is not pleased when we boast in our OWN righteousness. So how can we please God?


We are justified or made JUST by FAITH and we who are now made JUST shall LIVE justly or righteously also by FAITH. We are no longer sinners. We are NEW creatures IN Christ Jesus. The old sin nature is passed away and we shall live this NEW life by FAITH believing and trusting in God's word that God will NOT ALLOW us to be tempted above that which we are able to bear. One has to BELIEVE God's word that we are able to live free from sin and that sin has NO more dominion over us. We are more than conquerors THROUGH Christ Jesus who strengthens us. But it is up to US to make the CHOICE to stand in the strength of the Lord and the power of his might and RESIST any and all temptations to sin. We do our part and RESIST the devil and God will honor his word and the temptation WILL FLEE from us. God is faithful, but we must BELIEVE and through our FAITH and trust in God's word, then we will overcome the enemy.
The just shall LIVE by or through FAITH. Faith is the means by which we shall LIVE righteously.
This is what pleases God. Without FAITH it is impossible to please God. And LIVING uprightly and in RIGHTEOUSNESS is WHAT PLEASES Almighty God. Can you not see my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, that without faith we will not be able to live righteously without boasting or pride. He desires us to be holy EVEN as he is holy, and he is the rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Be you perfect EVEN as he is perfect. Now the whole word of God is filled with God's PROMISES that IF we DO a certain thing, THEN God will HONOR his WORD and DO something in return for our OBEDIENCE and FAITH. Please read 2 Peter 1:3-12 prayerfully and carefully.
"ACCORDING as his divine power has GIVEN unto US ALL THINGS that PERTAIN unto LIFE and GODLINESS THROUGH the KNOWLEDGE of him that CALLED us to glory and virtue:
4. WHEREBY (speaking of the KNOWLEDGE or UNDERSTANDING and BELIEF in BOTH Almighty God the Father and his Son Jesus, whom he sent to be the ATONEMENT for all our past sins, BY THIS, we who BELIEVE) are GIVEN unto US exceeding great and precious PROMISES : that (so that or in order that) BY THESE (speaking of the PROMISES in the WORD of Almighty God) you might be partakers of the divine nature (speaking of OBTAINING or PARTAKING of ETERNAL LIFE, but HOW?) having ESCAPED the corruption is in the world through lust.
5. And beside THIS (speaking of standing on or BELIEVING in the PROMISES in God's word, doing even more than this, but BESIDE this) giving all DILIGENCE, ADD  to your FAITH virtue; and to virtue (add) knowledge;
6. And to knowledge (add) temperance; and to temperance (add) patience; and to patience (add) godliness;
7. And to godliness (add) brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness (add) charity (or love).
8. For IF THESE THINGS be IN you and ABOUND, THEY (referring to ALL THESE THINGS mentioned above, THEY shall) make you that you shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.(In other words, to him that has shall MORE be GIVEN)
9. BUT he that LACKS these things is BLIND, and cannot see afar off, and has FORGOTTEN that he was PURGED from his OLD SINS.
10. WHEREFORE (or for this reason) the rather, brethren, give DILIGENCE to MAKE your CALLING and election sure: FOR IF you DO THESE THINGS, you shall NEVER FALL.
11. For so (or more precisely, for so BY DOING ALL THESE THINGS) an ENTRANCE shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the EVERLASTING KINGDOM of our Lord and Savior Jesus Jesus Christ.
12. WHEREFORE (or for this REASON) I will NOT be negligent to put you always in remembrance of THESE THINGS, though you know them, and be established in the PRESENT TRUTH."

 Now these words, "NEVER FALL" literally mean


I expound on the definition of these words in the study entitled "HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE FREE FROM SIN!", which I highly recommend for every believer to read.But for now let us continue this study in God's word and look at another verse that teaches us of a BENEFIT that comes from KEEPING ourselves from SIN.
Please read 1 John 5:18 which says,
We know that whosoever is born of God sins NOT; but he that is begotten of God KEEPS himself (from sin); and that wicked one (Satan, the devil) TOUCHES him NOT."

When we are born of God or born again, God places in us a NEW heart which no longer desires to sin, but rather desires to seek to please and obey God. The heart of man or the spirit of man which is the real you, so to speak, becomes a new creation and the old desires to sin passes away. Now there is still the desire of the flesh that wars against the heart or spirit, but we do not have to obey this lower nature. Paul says that he crucifies the flesh daily, meaning that he RESISTS or DENIES his fleshly desires to SIN. Paul says that we are to follow him as he follows Christ. It is no longer we that live, but Christ IN us who strengthens us to do all things. We are HIS workmanship, but we still have to BELIEVE that we can OVERCOME the enemy.
1 John 5:4 says,
“For whosoever is BORN of God (born again) OVERCOMES the world; and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our FAITH.

It is impossible to PLEASE God without FAITH. The just shall live RIGHTEOUSLY by or through FAITH. You CANNOT do this in your OWN strength or will power without pride and boasting which is sin.
Romans 8:8 says,
“ So then, they that are in the FLESH CANNOT PLEASE God.

But you are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, IF SO BE that the Spirit of God dwells in you.

Romans 8:9 says,
“But you are NOT in the flesh, but IN the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.”

Jesus said in Revelation 22:12,
 “Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me to give to every man ACCORDING to his WORK shall be.”
We will be judged according to our WORKS. Jesus goes on to say in verse 14,
“Blessed are they that do the COMMANDMENTS, (why?) that they may have RIGHT to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates of the city.”

One of the definitions of the word “right” is to have legal or just claim to something. We only have the RIGHT to inherit eternal life IF SO BE we walk in obedience to the Spirit of God.

Romans 8:14 says that as many that are LED by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. Therefore if you do not follow the leading of the Holy Spirit then you remove yourself from your inheritance of eternal life. And until you repent and walk in obedience to the Spirit of God you will remain disinherited and will not have the RIGHT to eternal life.

Romans 8:17 says we are heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ; IF SO BE that we suffer with him. So how did Jesus suffer? Jesus suffered by NOT PLEASING himself.

Romans 15:3 says,
“For Christ PLEASED NOT himself...”

Jesus did not want to suffer the cross, but he prayed and the Spirit of God strengthened him and he submitted to the will of his Father and OBEYED his Father's will above his own. Nevertheless not MY will, but your will be done. The next time you are tempted say to your heavenly Father, NOT MY will but YOUR will be done. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Whenever you feel weak and ready to give into temptation PRAY to God your heavenly Father and he will strengthen you through his Holy Spirit. Continue to feed DAILY upon POSITIVE FAITH filled teachings that clearly show to you that you are more than a conqueror THROUGH Christ Jesus. To God be the glory for it is IN him that we live and move and have our being.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Always and forever,