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Brother Mark.

Here are the chapters that I have finished thus far.

G101-Introduction to HOW to KNOW the TRUTH! Or how to CORRECTLY study the Bible!

G101-1. UNDENIABLE FACTS About God and Jesus!

G101-2. WHO is the ONE TRUE God?

G101-3. WHY are we HERE? Are we ALONE?

G101-4. WHY is Their a Lake of Fire?

G101-5. HOW Will God JUDGE Satan?

G101-6. The REASON FOR the 1000 Year Reign!

G101-7. WHAT Will the 1000 Year Reign be LIKE?

G101-8. THREE REASONS for the 1000 year reign of Jesus!

G101-9. WHAT is the NEW NAME of Jesus?

G101-10. WHY Satan is released after 1000 years!

C101-1. Church TRADITION Vs Biblical Christianity!

C101-2. WHY the Father is the ONLY TRUE God!

C101-3 WHY Was Jesus MADE to BECOME a God?

C101-4 WHAT Exactly is Church TRADITION?

C101-5 Did God SEND His Son FROM HEAVEN?


C101-7. Did God RESTORE the Glory to His Son?

C101-8 What Does SENT TRULY Mean in the Bible?

C101-9. The Son was BORN to FINISH God's Work!

C101-10. Yahweh CREATED His Son Jesus!

C101-11. Lo, I Come in the VOLUME of a BOOK!

S101-0. The JEWISH MESSIAH is Jesus!

S101-1. Does Paul Bear WITNESS of HIMSELF?

S101-2. Does Luke CONTRADICT Himself?

S101-3. Did Paul Come in His OWN NAME?

S101-4. Did Saul CHANGE His NAME to Paul?


S101-6. What Does John 8:33 TRULY MEAN?

S101-7. Is Jesus called a JEW in the Bible?

S101-8. WHO Are the JEWS Belonging to Satan?

S101-9. HOW, WHEN, & WHY Was Israel DIVIDED?

S101-10. ARE the LOST Tribes of Israel LOST?

S101-11. What Does Salvation OF the JEWS Mean?

S101-12. What Does Revelation 2:9 TRULY MEAN?


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