Hi, my name is Mark.

Welcome to my website at A Matter of Truth. 

If you have any questions or comments, you may email me at the email address below.

On your first time writing to me, please type the words A MATTER of TRUTH on the subject line to ensure that I will open the email. If the name of my website does not appear on the subject line and I do not recognize you, then I may not open the email and consider it as spam. After you write to me with my website name, then I will include your name in my regular email list.

Please feel free to print, copy, or download any of the Bible studies on this website to share with others. All I ask is that you do NOT SELL any of my Bible studies. I believe Almighty God and His Son Jesus gave us the gospel to freely give to others. And please, copy and paste the WHOLE study. We should never quote anyone out of context lest their intended meaning of their words become twisted. Thank you for your godly Christian cooperation.

Also, please visit my channel A MATTER of TRUTH as one word on the YouTube search bar for some teaching videos on many of the Bible studies that I have here on my website. I have most of them on this website, but they take a while to load. Sorry for the inconvenience, they will load and play, but it takes a while. I am still learning how to make videos, so thank you for your patience.

It has recently come to my attention that Google search engine has flagged my website as not being secure. My website has https format and it shows as being SECURE on the Microsoft Edge browser. Here is a screen shot of my website search bar that I just took today on 2/7/2022. And as you can clearly see the LOCK is locked and my website is https, and the date of this screen shot is 2022-02-07 in the picture below. The big corporations decided to limit the SSL license to just one year. And that way, they can CHANGE website owners a fee every year to renew the SSL license to show that their website is secure. Kind of like BLACKMAIL, if you ask me.

So I switched to using Microsoft Edge Browser because it has a reading aloud feature that allow my readers to LISTEN to my studies being read aloud to them while they read along following the HIGHLIGHTED words as they are being read aloud to you. Just to let you know, even on a SECURE website, THEY, as in, the big corporation owners of any search engine still TRACK you. I, myself, do not track anyone. I do not ask for any donations or have any advertisement. The sole purpose of my website is to FREELY share the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ.

May God bless you richly as you seek the truth of the whole word of God.

Your brother in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Brother Mark.