The word SEER is found 22 times in the Bible. And it refers to TRUE prophets of God as being SEERS. So some Christians ASSUME that ALL SEERS are TRUE prophets of God. But the TRUTH of the matter is that the word SEER was used for ALL prophets BOTH true prophets and false prophets. For you see, even a FALSE prophet can perceive things by Satan and FAMILIAR spirits. So my point is that the prophets of Almighty God where called SEERS before they became known as PROPHETS. And that simple FACT teaches us that NOT ALL seers get their revelation from Almighty God.

Please read 1 Samuel 9:9.

“(Beforetime in Israel, when a man went to enquire of God, thus he spake, Come, and let us go to the SEER: for he that is NOW called a Prophet was beforetime called a SEER.)”

For you see, even pagans called their warlocks SEERS. The word itself simply means to see, to perceive, to gaze, to discern, and vision. So a seer can be a false prophet or a true prophet. Now, historical recorded documents teach us that both Joseph Smith Senior and Joseph Smith Junior were SEERS well before Joseph Smith used his SEER power or seer gift to translate the “alleged” metal plates.  To view the documentation for yourself please click on the links. Also, both parents of Joseph Smith were involved in occult practices. Like father like son, so to speak. Joseph Smith used SEER STONES to swindle people out of money. They would pay Joseph Smith to use his SEER power or gift, whether real or whether fraudulent, to locate where the treasure is buried. And Joseph Smith was caught and arrested for swindling people. Again, this is documented and known by the Mormon Church. So to me, I am seeing Joseph Smith Jr. wanting to have special powers. And people who SEEK special powers often are granted their desire by Satan. The occult powers are real but they are definitely NOT from Almighty God. But the person receiving those powers and revelation may sincerely believe that they are from God when in truth they are from Satan.

Now, the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints knows full well the history and character of Joseph Smith and his family but the DOWNPLAY it as must as possible. But then so do other church denomination when a SCANDAL is found against one of their leaders. Especially if that leader is a well-known leader. And even more so, if the man or woman is the FOUNDER of that church denomination. The general attitude is to SAVE the DENOMINATION even if it means COVERING up the scandal.

So since the Mormon Church has all or much of the documentation and Mormons are taught to trust ONLY official Mormon publication then I will use the Mormon documentation as well as historical documentation that has not been watered down by the Mormon Church. But it will be YOUR job to do your OWN research to read their quotes IN context by finding those Newspaper articles that the Mormon Church quotes from and read the whole Newspaper article. Here is the OFFICIAL Mormon website link to their apologist's articles that openly admit the Joseph Smith was a treasure hunter. 

Joseph Smith’s money digging activities and how it relates to his character.

And here is a link to the website on the Los Angelos Times Newspaper with an article reporting on a LETTER signed but Joseph Smith. A very damaging letter that the Mormon Church bought for 25,000 dollars and has in their VAULT. This letter PROVES that Joseph Smith used occult practices, such as using a “HAZEL STICK” which is what some would call a “divining rod” or a “WITCH HAZEL stick” to divine for water. Smith suggested the use of a hazel stick to find buried Pirate treasure that he said must be “guarded by a clever spirit”. And the Mormon Church knows all of this.

Read the article below for YOURSELF and then ask yourself some serious questions. Here is the link to that article released by the Los Angelos Times which is a major well known and well-respected newspaper and magazine publisher.

Los Angelos Times---Letter Revealing Mormon Founder’s Belief In Spirits, Occult Released

So now, after you have read that article, ask yourself the QUESTION, “WHY did the Mormon Church lock up that letter in their VAULT?” Why are they afraid to release that letter in its entirety to ALL the members of their church who pay TITHES to support the Mormon organization that builds shopping malls as one of the ways of INVESTING the hard-earned money that YOU TITHE?

Did you know that tithing was done under the Old Covenant but it is NOT taught in the New Covenant because all the law contained in ordinances was nailed to the cross and taken out of the way? The New Testament teaches free will giving and NOT mandatory required giving of a set amount of 10% of your gross income. In fact, true Biblical tithing in the Old Testament is taught as a person giving from all their INCREASE after their LIVING expenses. Please read the study “IS TITHING TAUGHT IN THE NEW TESTAMENT?”

Now. you can try and reason away the UNGODLY character of Joseph Smith by arguing that his ungodly superstitious practices were before God called him to start the Mormon Church. But before you do that, you had better take a closer look at your church leaders today where some have been seen practicing the occult and worshiping the Devil. I implore you to read the following article that was released by the Chicago Tribune.

Here is another Newspaper article release by the Chicago Tribune revealing that top Mormon Church leaders and members are practicing OCCULT rituals and devil worship.

Chicago Tribune---Mormon-Affiliated Group Linked To Rituals Of Devil Worship, Occult

Now, you can try to reason this article away as well by saying that all church denomination have their scandals. So maybe this is just an isolated case of one group of Mormon Christians who fell into sin. But before you try and reason away what Almighty God has been showing Mormon Christians since the very day that the Mormon Church was founded, you need to take a CLOSE and SINCERE look at the Mormon Temple.

Perhaps you have never seen a Mormon Temple. Maybe you have seen a Mormon Temple but you never really noticed anything unusual about the Mormon Temple. And perhaps some of you have INDEED noticed all the OCCULT symbols on the Mormon Temple and you asked about why they are there. Perhaps the Mormon church leader explained them away just like everything else that God is showing Mormon Christians away.  For you see, SOME of those very high up leaders KNOW that the Mormon Church was founded by Satan. Is it all a conspiracy theory? Or is it the TRUTH? What WAS in Joseph Smith’s day has CHANGED. But is the change for the better or for the worse? WHO is in control of the Mormon Church? Is it the one true God Yahweh the Father? Or is it Satan, the god of this present world? Have you ever heard of the Illuminati? They are Luciferians. Their god is Lucifer, better known to most Christians as Satan.

I know that if you are hearing this for the first time that it sounds impossible for any leader of a Christian church to be a worshiper of Lucifer, better known to most Christians as Satan or the Devil. So I IMPLORE you to watch the following YouTube videos to see for yourself all of the Occult Satanic SYMBOLS of the Mormon Temple. For you see, the Mormon Church will FALL and the fall of it is great. So get out before the judgment begins. Call upon Jesus your Lord and Savior and ask HIM to reveal to you the TRUTH, the WHOLE truth, and NOTHING but the TRUTH. Do it right now before you watch the following YouTube videos. Time is running out for you to trust in the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here are the LINKS to some YouTube videos showing the occult presence in the Mormon Temple.

Now, this first video is quite long but if you TRULY want to hear BOTH sides then I suggest that you start with this video first. It is going to be blunt and it gets right to the MAIN point which is that the Mormon church was started BY witches FOR witches. Does that mean that all Mormons are witches? Absolutely NOT! Almost every church denomination has been VISITED by witches and warlocks seeking to infiltrate those church denominations to gain some control or a foothold of some kind. So it is not some strange thing for witches to start their OWN “Christian” church so that they can cling to their belief in white magic. I mean, today, we have gays and lesbians starting THEIR OWN “Christian” church FOR gays and lesbians but that does NOT make them be SOUND Biblical Christians. Rather they may be “Christians” in name only who do NOT want to GIVE UP their SIN of homosexuality. And likewise, the “spirit of witchcraft” behind Joseph Smith deceived him to CLING to his love for magic and witchcraft. And witches and warlocks are downplayed today as superstitious nonsense by those who do not believe that the power of witchcraft is real. It is real but it is NOT of God. So I implore you to take time and watch the whole video all the way through. And please do that with all of the videos because it is YOUR eternal life that is at stake. I will list the videos in the order which I feel is the best order to view them because each video builds on the previous video.

Mormon Temple of Doom


Is Mormonism more Masonic than Christian? Look at their SYMBOLS.

Now, the Mormon Church tries to downplay all the RITUALS that are done in the Morman Temple as ONLY being SIMILAR TO the Masonic RITUALS to IMPLY that NO Mormon is a Mason or rather Mormonism is NOT Masonry. For you see, there has always been Masons in the Mormon Church but not all Mormons are Masons So WHY does the Mormon Church ITSELF have so many Monsonic SYMBOLS? Surely they KNOW that Joseph Smith became a high-level Mason after he founded the Mormon Church and that is WHY Joseph Smith had the Mormon Temple built boldly displaying many of the SECRET Masonic SYMBOLS on the Mormon Temple. Also, just like the average members of the Mormon Church do not truly know all that takes place in the Mormon Temple, so is it the SAME in the Masonic Lodges. The majority of new members have little to no idea what goes on in SECRET with the HIGHER level Masons.

Look how SIMILAR the Mormon RITUALS are to the Masonic RITUALS.

Now, I want you to hear BOTH sides BUT I want you to TRULY hear. And to do that you must know the MOTIVE behind the speaker who is trying his best to SAVE the DENOMINATION itself. Save MORMONISM at al cost. They do not care about the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ written in the New Testament. All they care about is saving MORMONISM.

So here is a Mormon video trying to explain AWAY the Satanic occult symbols and being GOOD. Pay very close attention to when the UPRIGHT and righteous symbol of the five-point star was INVERTED and turned UPSIDE DOWN to become the SYMBOL for magic, the occult, and for Satan worship. It began with a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest who was a Mason that practiced magic. He was caught and excommunicated from the Catholic Church so he started his own church or religion. He took the UPRIGHT five-pointed star nad INVERTED it. He drew a circle around it as a SYMBOL for MAGIC. It became known as the Pentagram.

START the video at 2:52 seconds where it says France 1855, “It all STARTED in France in 1855 with a deacon in the Catholic Church…” That is a LIE. They want you to believe that the INVERTED Pentagram first came into existence in 1855 because that is AFTER the Mormon Church was founded in the 1830s. But in TRUTH, the pentagram symbol can be traced back all the way to ancient Babylon and Baal worship. Baal worship is Satan worship. Worship given to any false god is Satan worship. He does not have to be addressed as Lucifer or as Satan to be worshiped. Satan is even being worship by those who worship a mother god. Worshiping mother earth is worshiping Satan. But my main point right now is that the SYMBOLS on the Mormon Temple are Satanic symbols used in the worshiping of Satan. So WHY are symbols to Satan doing on a “Christian” church? And WHY is their NO cross anywhere on or inside the Mormon Temple. It is because Satan HATES the cross. It reminds him that Jesus DEFEATED him ON the CROSS. And had he KNOWN he would have never CRUCIFIED the Lord of glory. Think of these questions as you watch this Mormon apologist video.

Why are the inverted Pentagrams on the Mormon Temple?

Just because it seems like everyone in our day is COMPROMISING their faith to accept homosexuality as being NORMAL doe NOT mean that it is acceptable to God or to true born-again Christians. So just because nearly everyone in the day of Joseph Smith seemed to ACCEPT witchcraft and magic as being alright to practice does NOT make it alright in the eyes of Almighty God and TRUE born- again Christians in ANY day. Can you not see, that the Mormon apologists are feeding you stories to redirect your thinking so that you will accept the SINS of your revered prophet Joseph Smith.

So if you accept his sins of practicing witchcraft do you ALSO accept his sinful LIFESTYLE of many 33 wives? Did you even know that Joseph Smith was a polygamist? Did you know that 11 of his wives were already married to other men? Did you know that some of those men did not know that their wives were married to Joseph Smith and that Joseph Smith had sex with them in SECRET?

Did you know that one of Joseph Smith closest friends who was a leader in the Mormon Church LEFT the Mormon Church when he found out about these other wives of Joseph Smith? If not, and you would like to see document proof then please watch this video and then read Part 6 of this study called “THE LIFE OF JOSEPH SMITH!” that began with the study “A LETTER TO MORMON CHRISTIANS”.

So if you have not read parts 1-4 you have missed a lot of contradictions that are in the Mormon Church. Many of those contradictions are where one book used by the Mormon Chruch contradicts another book used by the Mormon Church. And many other contradictions are the teachings of the Mormon Chruch contradicting what the Bible ITSELF teaches. Now I am NOT talking about Mormonism contradicting the doctrine of the Trinity because the doctrine of the Trinity CONTRADICTS the Bible as well. Rather I am talking about the teachings of the Mormon Church contradicting the word of TRUTH, the Holy Bible ITSELF. So I implore you to read parts 1-4 and continue to read until your eyes are open to the TRUTH of the WHOLE word of Almighty God and you come OUT of the Mormon Church to follow and obey the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Also, be assured that there are MANY more contradictions in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints. We have barely scratched the surface. But I will save those many contradictions in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints for Part 7 of this study. In Part 5 and Part 6, I will be addressing the LIFE of Joseph Smith. If you have not yet read Part 1 of this study then I implore you to do so. 

For Part 1 please click on this link “A LETTER TO MORMON CHRISTIANS”. And to continue reading contradiction #8 plus several more in Part 3 please click on this link “WHAT DOES ANOTHER TESTAMENT TRULY MEAN?”

For Part 4 click on this link “WHERE ARE THE MAPS IN THE BOOK OF MORMON?” 

You just finished Part 5 click on “JOSEPH SMITH THE SEER!”

For Part 6 click here on this link “THE LIFE OF JOSEPH SMITH!”

Also, in closing, here is a LINK to ANOTHER website that is NOY mine that has many other online resources to help Mormon see the TRUTH that Mormonism is NOT sound Biblical Christians and that they are being DECEIVED by the contradictory teachings of the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Days Saints. This LINK also has some pointers on how to EFFECTIVELY witness to Mormons.

 If you are a Christian who thinks that they will never come across a Mormon in PERSON you can still witness to Mormons all over the world on the Internet. So avail yourself to some of the best witnessing material available. Please understand that I do not agree with all their teachings but they do have many thought-provoking questions that all Mormons should be asking themselves for their very eternal life is at stake.

Read all the studies that I have under the heading >>>MORMONISM<<< and also check out this LINK of ONLINE RESOURCES for WITNESSING to MORMONS

Thanks for reading and may God bless you richly as you continue to seek the TRUTH of the WHOLE word of Almighty God in his ONLY word of TRUTH, the Holy Bible.

Your brother in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Brother Mark.