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Welcome to A Matter Of Truth.
        The purpose of this site here at AMatterOfTruth.com is to share with you, the reader, that which I have learned through studying the Bible throughout my life. During my walk with the Lord I have encountered many controversial topics and doctrines between believers, and I know that God is not the author of this confusion. We know from his word that he desires us all to come into unity of faith.
        Now the only way I find to come into unity, and for all Christians to speak the same thing is to lay aside any preconceived ideas that we have formed, then search the word of God for the TRUTH in each matter of doctrine. It is not about what this church teaches or what that denomination teaches. It is ultimately what the Bible teaches. It is a matter of coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH using only the Bible, the Holy Scriptures as our sole foundation.
         In the side bar or menu bar to the left is a list of studies in the word of God in which I endeavor to present all of the scriptures on both sides of the controversy, and then I give my opinion based solely upon all the evidence of I what I have found in the Bible, and then I leave it to YOU the reader to draw you OWN conclusions based upon the evidence of the WHOLE word of Almighty God.
         To EXPAND the list to find more Bible studies please click on the word "Sitemap" at the bottom of the list. You may also click on the sub pages below. Please read carefully and prayerfully, and please read and hear the whole matter before you form a conclusion, for many of the studies are interrelated. I suggest beginning your quest for the TRUTH by reading first the studies entitled "THE OPENING PRAYER" and "THE WHOLE MATTER". (click on any blue link here or in others Bible studies to open a new window to read the study that is named, or go to one of my YouTube video teachings at AMATTEROFTRUTH, or refer back to the side bar or to the sitemap at the bottom of the side bar menu list.
         May God bless you richly in your search for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. As you come to the understanding of the truth I encourage you, the reader, to copy these studies and share them with others, and to keep them in your own personal library to read over and over, again and again to keep your mind renewed and refreshed with the word of God. The word of God teaches us that there is coming a FAMINE of God's word, so it is vitally important to have God's word hidden not only in your heart but elsewhere so that you can pass it on to others in the days ahead. While you are on a page with one of my Bible studies just place the cursor in front of the title or word where you want to begin to copy, then hold down the shift key and while holding down the shift key scroll down to the end of the study or where you want to stop copying and click the mouse. This should highlight the whole study or the part you desire to copy. Then right click the mouse and click copy. Next open up a new document and select the format "page styles", then place the cursor on the blank page and right click the mouse and click paste. Next you want to save the study your have just copied. Now you have the study on your computer. Also if you scroll down to the very bottom of each study, until you see the light wine background color you will see the words PRINT PAGE, just click on these words and if your computer is connected to a printer the instructions should appear on your computer screen.(Sorry but this is a beta website and I do not have any control on how it prints. It prints the whole page including the side menu bar. Thanks for being FAITHFUL to ALWAYS SHARE the word of God.
        Now if you are computer savvy, then I exhort you to create your own websites to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with these and your own Bible studies.This beta website from Google apps is free. the only cost is a domain name that for me is ten dollars a year. Every believer has his or her OWN testimony, so I encourage you to share your experiences and walk with the Lord with others. Please feel free to use any or all of the studies contained in this site, for they are the Word of God and are not personally owned by any man or woman. To God be all the glory who has brought the revelation of his Word to us all. Freely you have received and freely you shall give. Also for those of you who know another language or know how to translate these studies into other languages and share them with others I wholeheartedly encourage and exhort you to the task of preaching the gospel to all the world. 
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          May the grace and peace of God the Father and the love of his Son Jesus be with you always and that you be found that good and faithful servant when the Lord returns.
          Yours is Christ Jesus, always and forever, Mark