V-2. Micah 5:2 PROVES Jesus PRE-EXISTED!


V-2. Micah 5:2 Proves Jesus PRE-EXISTED in the ETERNITY PAST!






Some Unitarian Christians such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses use Micah 5:2 to try and prove, without fail, that Jesus pre-existed as the SON OF Almighty God for ALL ETERNITY who came into existence in the eternity past. 

And Trinitarian Christians use Micah 5:2 to try and prove that Jesus ALWAYS pre-existed as God the SON, the second person of a Godhead Trinity God. And thus, they also teach that the Son of God never had a BEGINNING. And they teach that the Son was with God at His side as a separate divine eternal person of a Trinity Godhead.

Now, all other Christians except for Trinitarian Christians understand that the SON OF God was BEGOTTEN to mean without a doubt that Jesus as the SON OF God did INDEED have a BEGINNING. But they disagree as to when the ORIGIN or the BEGINNING of the Son of God was. And some of them use Micah 5:2 to try and prove that the beginning of Jesus literally coming into existence was of OLD from EVERLASTING. In other words, some Christians believe that Jesus, the SON OF Almighty God did INDEED have a BEGINNING but his BEGINNING was NOT when Jesus was BORN of the VIRGIN Mary, but rather, the INITIAL BEGETTING of Jesus was so far in eternity past that you might as well say that Jesus the Son of God has existed forever and they use Micah 5:2 to try and prove this teaching.

And Oneness Pentecostal Christians do not believe that the Son of God pre-existed and that God manifested Himself to become the Son at the virgin birth. Thus, they do not truly believe that Jesus is a separate person from the Father, but rather, Jesus is a different FORM or MODE of the existence of the Father.

And the fourth group of Christians believes that Micah 5:2 proves that Jesus pre-existed as Yahweh Himself, as in, Jesus pre-existed in Yahweh’s mind and plan of salvation to bring forth a Son in the future to be the Messiah being born of a woman in the linage of King David. So to them and to me, Micah 5:2 is a PROPHECY of the coming Messiah and it is the prophecy itself that had its origin in Yahweh’s mind and plan of salvation. God did not need any plan of salvation until AFTER Lucifer rebelled and made war against God. Please read the studies under the heading >>>WHY ARE WE HERE?-IS GOD AT WAR?<<<

Now again, Biblical Unitarian Christians teach that Micah 5:2 is a prophecy of bringing the Messiah into the world through a specific genealogy or ancestry and that this ancestry had its origin in ancient times as part of god PLAN of salvation, And thus, Biblical Unitarian Christians teach that Jesus pre-existed only in the mind, thoughts, and plan of Yahweh’s salvation which is again what I myself believe and teach. But as always, I want to show my readers WHY I believe what I teach.

Let us begin this study in God's word by reading Micah 5:2 with the FOCUS on the words that those who teach the above two doctrines EMPHASIZE to try to support their doctrine that Jesus literally pre-existed in the eternity past. The first two doctrines mentioned above are the doctrine of the Trinity and what the Jehovah's Witnesses teach concerning the Son of God being begotten by God in the eternity past. The third above-mentioned teaching is the doctrine of Oneness. And the fourth above-mentioned teaching is what Biblical Unitarians teach or very similar to what they teach, such as what Christadelphian Christians teach. In other words, UNLIKE the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Christadelphian Christians teach that the Son of God came into existence at the virgin birth, as opposed to Jesus being begotten in the eternity past as the JWs WRONGLY teach. Now, this does NOT mean that the Christadelphians are Biblically correct in ALL of their church doctrines. For example, Christadelphian Christians do NOT believe that the Devil is a REAL being who will be JUDGED by God and cast into the lake of fire to be destroyed on the final Day of Judgment. But, on this particular subject of Jesus coming into existence as the human Son of God at the virgin birth, I believe that they teach what Biblical Unitarians teach. But again, I have not found a statement or tenant of faith concerning all of what Biblical Unitarian Christians believe and teach. This study is focused primarily on why the doctrine of the Trinity is NOT a Biblical teaching.


Micah 5:2.


“But you, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose GOINGS FORTH HAVE BEEN  from of old, FROM EVERLASTING.”


First, we are going to learn how Trinitarian Christians interpret this verse of Scripture to show you why they believe what they teach. Trinitarian Christians present their argument that MAN can NOT SAVE himself and that ONLY God can SAVE US. THEREFORE, to them, Jesus HAD to BE GOD in order for him to be our SAVIOR. And the only way for Jesus to be God is for him to be the one true God who never had a beginning. And thus, if the Son had a beginning then Jesus could not be truly God because having a beginning would prove that Jesus is NOT Almighty God Himself. So you see, Trinitarian Christians MUST prove that Jesus had no beginning in order to prove that Jesus IS Yahweh Himself. So they quote some verses which seem to be saying on the surface to support their point of view. They often quote Isaiah 43:11 first to show without a doubt the Almighty God ALONE is our SAVIOR and that we have NO OTHER Savior but the ALMIGHTY.

Here is Isaiah 43:11.


“I, even I, am the LORD:  (Speaking of Yahweh, the ONE TRUE, and ONLY ALMIGHTY God) and beside me, there is NO savior.”


Then Trinitarian Christians quote a verse from the New Testament where our SAVIOR is clearly speaking of Jesus the SON OF Almighty God the Father. They often quote Titus chapter 2 verse 10 skipping verses 11 and 12 to quote verses 13 and 14 to try and show that Jesus is our SAVIOR. So, therefore, to them, Jesus must be THE ALMIGHTY God HIMSELF in the FLESH being FULLY THE Almighty God and fully a man at the same time seeing that the Almighty alone is the Savior.


Here is Titus 2:10,13,14


“Not purloining, but showing all good fidelity; that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in all things…

...13. Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious APPEARING of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ; (Speaking of the SECOND COMING of Jesus and being INTERPRETED by Trinitarian Christians as the GREAT God HIMSELF being our Savior Jesus Christ. That is to say, some Christians INTERPRET this verse to dogmatically without fail to mean that our savior Jesus Christ IS THE GREAT God MEANING that Jesus IS THE ONE TRUE and ONLY ALMIGHTY God Yahweh HIMSELF)

14. Who GAVE HIMSELF for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.”


In other words, Christians known as Trinitarians teach that Jesus pre-existed as the SON OF Almighty God from all eternity past as being God the Son, the second person of a Trinity Godhead, who has always been with God the Father at his side from all eternity past having NO beginning. 

While other Christians known as Oneness Pentecostals dogmatically demand that ALMIGHTY God HIMSELF gave HIMSELF to die for the sins of mankind by manifesting HIMSELF to be the Son. And thus, these Oneness believers teach that Jesus is the Father as a mode of existence.

So then, both the Oneness and Trinitarian Christians insist that Jesus IS Almighty God Himself and if you do not believe that Almighty God Himself died on the cross for your sins then you are not truly saved. For you see, the THEM, only the great God the Almighty can save us by laying down His OWN life for us.

Well, to me, and to other Christians known as Biblical Unitarian Christians, NEITHER the Oneness doctrine NOR the Trinitarian doctrine makes ANY SENSE to us. We interpret Titus 2:1:14 to mean that there are TWO distinctly different persons being spoken of in this passage of Scripture. One person is God who is also called the great God. And it is the great God, Almighty God the Father who is THE Savior that provided for us His Savior to die on the cross for our sins. And the other person is Jesus the ANOINTED human Son of God who is the Savior that God Himself raised up and highly exalted to BE our Savior, according to Acts 13:23 and Acts 5:31.

Let us now take a CLOSER look at Micah 5:2 being LEFT in the CONTEXT of where it is found to see what this verse is TRULY teaching us in the LIGHT of the WHOLE word of Almighty God the Father.

Micah 5:1-6.


“Now gather yourself in troops, O daughter of troops: he has laid siege against us: they shall smite the judge of Israel (The judge of Israel here is speaking of Jesus the long-awaited PROMISE of the coming King of Israel. Please see Micah chapter 4 which is ALSO part of the CONTEXT of Micah 5:2. For now, the pronoun “he” here in verse 1 is Israel's ENEMY, the antichrist at the end of days when the Messiah is prophesied to come to rescue Israel from their enemies. This verse is also a prophecy of Jesus being slapped on his cheek right before being crucified. So then, these enemies smiting the judge of Israel) with a rod upon the cheek (Again, this is also a hidden prophecy of the long-awaited coming King of the Jews their MESSIAH at his FIRST coming. Please read Matthew 27:29,30 which may be one fulfillment of this prophecy where Jesus is smitten on the cheek with a reed. “And when they had platted a crown of thorns, they put it upon his head, and a reed in his right hand [the symbol of a ruler]: and they bowed the knee before him, and mocked him, saying, Hail, King of the Jews! 30. And they spit upon him, and took the reed, and smote him on the head.” The gospel of Luke says that they smote him on his face. But also, keep in mind the enemy of Israel will turn and fight against Jesus at his second coming, according to Revelation 19:11)

2. But you, Bethlehem Ephratah, though you be little among the thousands of Judah, (Speaking of the little town of Bethlehem where Jesus was BORN of the Virgin Mary) yet OUT of YOU shall HE (Speaking of the COMING SON OF God to BE BORN in Bethlehem SHALL he, Jesus) COME FORTH UNTO ME that is to be RULER in Israel; (This wording is important to the TRUE meaning of this verse. In other words, this COMING FORTH UNTO Yahweh for the “he” who would be BORN of a virgin to become the ruler of Israel, to ME, is speaking of Yahweh calling the future generations that are not yet existing into being. To say this another way, Yahweh’s yet future Son will be born of a Virgin in this ancestral lineage at the FIRST COMING of Jesus when the Word of God came down from heaven by the angel Gabriel to be SPOKEN to the Virgin Mary. And when Mary agreed to the SPOKEN Word of Almighty God then the Word, as in, the SPOKEN word that was WITHIN God from the beginning was now in the fullness of the time MADE to be ALIVE in the womb of Mary to be BORN the Son of MAN who was to be called the SON of the HIGHEST) whose (Speaking of the yet coming SON OF God) GOINGS FORTH (Please notice that the GOINGS forth are PLURAL speaking of BOTH the FIRST and the SECOND COMINGS of Jesus being PROPHESIED for OLD. In other words, BOTH of the PROPHESIED GOINGS FORTH of Jesus, the SON OF God and COMING KING of Israel) have been from of OLD, from everlasting. (Also, notice that if so be the writer intended the Hebrew word translated as everlasting to mean eternity then he would NOT have used the phrase “from of OLD” along with the Hebrew word “olam” which has several meanings including meaning a long period of time like in Isaiah 42:15 where Yahweh says, for a LONG TIME I have held my peace as opposed to for all eternity I have held my peace)

3. THEREFORE, will he give them UP (Or BECAUSE the Jews, in general, rejected the FIRST GOING FORTH of Jesus as the coming King and deliverer up their Messiah to be crucified, is the reason that Almighty God gave his chosen people up. That is to say, blindness in part has come over the eyes of Israel) UNTIL the time that she which travails have brought forth: then the remnant of his brethren shall return unto the children of Israel. (This is speaking of the time of great tribulation and also the wrath of God that immediately follows the 3 ½ years of the great tribulation at the end of this present world. This is when Israel shall travail in pain until they cry out to be saved. God's people Israel will travail as a woman in birth until their Messiah is BROUGHT FORTH speaking of the SECOND GOING FORTH of Jesus)

4. And he shall stand and feed IN the strength OF the LORD, in the majesty of the name of the LORD his God; and they shall abide: (Or BOTH Yahweh and His now glorified eternal Son after being GIVEN the divine nature of immortality after the cross shall remain) for NOW shall HE (The one prophesied to come forth unto Yahweh he shall) be great unto the ends of the earth. (Isaiah 9:6, as well as other verses of Scripture PROPHESY that the Son born of a virgin shall be called by the NAME or the TITLE the Mighty God WHEN the government shall be LAID upon his shoulder which we all agree is speaking of the world yet to come. So the phrase “for NOW” is speaking to the Millennial reign of Jesus as “a” God under his God and Father will rule for Yahweh IN Yahweh’s NAME for 1000 years before committing the ruling of God’s kingdom BACK into the hands of Almighty God the Father)

5. And this MAN shall be the peace, when the Assyrian shall come into our land: and when he (The Assyrian, the ANTICHRIST) shall tread in our palaces, then shall we raise against him seven shepherds, and eight principal men. (Speaking of the seven churches and Jesus as the captain of our salvation)

6. And they shall waste the land of Assyria with the sword, and the land of Nimrod in the entrances thereof: thus shall he (Speaking of our Savior that our Savior Yahweh raised up shall) deliver us from the Assyrian, when he comes into our land, and when he treads within our borders.” 


Verses 4-6 are speaking of the SECOND COMING of the SECOND GOING FORTH of Jesus will destroy the antichrist and the armies of Islam that fight against Israel. And, according to Revelation 19:19, the armies fighting against Israel will turn and fight against Jesus at his SECOND GOING FORTH that was PROPHESIED of OLD. Please read the study “ISLAM IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST!”

So then, from the CONTEXT you can clearly see that Micah 5:2, the verse in question that is used to TRY and prove that Jesus literally pre-existed in the eternity past, is PROPHECY of the TWO GOINGS forth of the coming Messiah that had its ORIGIN from OLD, from ANCIENT times speaking of before the foundation of the world and NOT form all eternity past. To understand why I teach that there is a DIFFERENCE between the eternity past and the foundation of the world please read the studies under the heading >>>WHY ARE WE HERE?-IS GOD AT WAR?<<<

Can you not see my brother and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ, that it is the PROPHECIES of the TWO COMINGS of Jesus that sold old in ancient times and NOT that Jesus literally pre-existed. So then, according to the CONTEXT, this verse in Micah 5:2 has nothing to do with God's Son pre-existing in all the eternity past either with or without a beginning.

The Bible teaches us that the LAMB was SLAIN from BEFORE the foundation of the world, but that does NOT LITERALLY mean that Jesus was literally crucified and died for our sin BEFORE mankind was ever created. But rather, the ORIGIN of God's PLAN of salvation was of OLD, FROM EVERLASTING which means even from ANCIENT times.

What this verse in Micah 5:2 is TRULY teaching us is that the ANCESTRY or the LINAGE from which Jesus would be BORN was ordained by God in ancient times and NOT that the SON OF God was ACTUALLY BEGOTTEN in ancient times. Please read Micah 5:2 from some other translations and you will clearly see what I mean.


Here is Micah 5:2 from the Bible in Basic English.


“And you, Beth-lehem Ephrathah, the least among the FAMILIES of Judah, out of you one WILL COME to me who is to be ruler in Israel; whose going out has been PURPOSED from time past, from the eternal days.”


From this translation, it is made clear to us that the goings forth of Jesus were PURPOSED from time past before these goings forth were to take place, from eternal days. Now while the Hebrew words translated as eternal days can mean from everlasting or from eternity past these words also mean from ANCIENT days, from OLD times,  along period of time, an age, and from the beginning of the world.


Here is Micah 5:2 from the Common English Bible.


“As for you, Bethlehem of Ephrathah, though you are the least significant of Judah's forces, one who is to be a ruler in Israel on my behalf WILL COME OUT from you. His ORIGIN is from remote times, from ANCIENT DAYS.”


From this translation along with the other translation that we have already looked at we clearly see that the ORIGIN of Jesus the Messiah WILL COME OUT of the family line of Judah, which was PURPOSED to BE from long ago from ANCIENT DAYS. Again, the ORIGIN was PROPHESIED from remote times, from ancient days or days of old. The word begotten means ORIGIN. So the virgin birth of Jesus is from the ancient days of old.


Here is Micah 5:2 from the Complete Jerusalem Bible.


“But you, Beit-Lechem near Efrat, so small among the CLANS (or FAMILIES) of Y'hudah, out of you WILL COME FORTH to me the future ruler of Isra'el, whose ORIGINS (Plural, meaning the TWO GOINGS FORTH of Jesus the coming King of Israel speaking of the FIRST and SECOND COMINGS of the Messiah) are far in the past, back in ANCIENT TIMES.”


Again, the two comings or the two goings forth of the Messiah were PURPOSED or were ORDAINED in ANCIENT TIMES, as opposed to the Trinitarian INTERPRETATION, that dogmatically demands, without fail, that Micah 5:2 means that Jesus pre-existed from all eternity past without beginning. The word origins is in the PLURAL. Did Jesus pre-exist TWO times in the eternity past? How do Trinitarians explain TWO ORIGINS? How do Trinitarian Christians explain the future tense of “out of you WILL COME FORTH TO ME”? Can you not see that Micah 5:2 is a PROPHECY of the yet future Messiah being prophesied to come out of Judah to be brought forth into existence TO Yahweh and Yahweh WILL BE a Father to him and he SHALL BE a Son to Yahweh, according to another PROPHECY found in Hebrews 1:5 quoting 1 Chronicle 17:11-14.


Here is Micah 5:2 from the Good News Translation.


“The Lord says, Bethlehem Ephrathah, you are one of the smallest towns in Judah, but out of you I will bring a ruler for Israel, whose FAMILY LINE goes back to ancient times.”


From this translation, we can see that the ORIGIN of the Messiah is speaking of his ANCESTRY or his FAMILY LINE being out of Judah. Now, seeing that the ORIGIN of Jesus in being BORN in the family line of Judah, then that meaning the BEGINNING of Jesus was at his virgin birth in the womb of the Virgin Mary to FIRST become the HUMAN Son of God. And then the human Son of God would be GIVEN, according to the PROPHECY is Isaiah 9:6,7. Lets us take a moment to read the PROPHECY before we read a few more translations of Micah 5:2.


Please read Isaiah 9:6,7.


“For (Order of event #1 that has already been FULFILLED) unto us, a CHILD is BORN, (THEN comes Order of event #2 that has also already been FULFILLED) unto us a son is given: (Speaking of the HUMAN Son of MAN, Jesus as the Son given as the ONE sacrifice for the sins of the world. Yahweh provided His own Lamb that was slain in the mind of God from the foundation of the world. God chose His Lamb to be made inferior to the angels so He made the human race a little lower than the angelic beings) and (And THEN Order of event #3 is YET FUTURE and it is YET TO BE FULFILLED) the government shall be upon his shoulder: (Which is the WRATH of God executed by Jesus. That is WHEN the kingdoms of this present world will become the kingdom of God's dear Son to begin the 1000 year reign of Jesus) and (And THEN will come Order of event #4 that is YET FUTURE and it is YET TO BE FULFILLED WHEN the government will be set upon the shoulder of Jesus IN the world to come, at which TIME) his NAME shall be CALLED Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, (Or more precisely, according to Hebrew 5:9, the Father of everlasting life or the AUTHOR of eternal life. For you see, it was BECAUSE, OF the Son of man, Jesus obeying his God and Father's Will, that Jesus made it possible for whosoever believes in him shall be saved. Jesus was MADE perfect and he BECAME the Father of eternal life AFTER the cross. For you see, the Son of MAN, Jesus, was GIVEN the authority and the power AFTER the cross to JUDGE and also to give eternal life to whomsoever he chooses BECAUSE he was the Son of MAN, according to John 5:26,27. This is why Psalms 2 prophesies to kiss the feet of God’s Son whom He ordained through PROPHECY His yet future Son to be His King of kings and Lord of lords. Jesus is also called by the NAME or the TITLE) The Prince of Peace. (And, according to Revelation 1:5 and Acts 7:56, Jesus is our Prince right now standing at the right hand of God. But at his second coming, Jesus will SIT on the right hand of Yahweh to rule and reign FOR Yahweh as the Lord of the Sabbath. Remember that Jesus was MADE Lord BY Yahweh his God and Father, according to Acts 2:36. And at that time, the kingdoms of this present world will become the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. And)

7.  Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.”


Also, please notice WHO is doing the PERFORMING of His own spoken word of PROPHECY that came forth OUT FROM His mouth. It is Almighty God Yahweh the creator who is performing His own word. So to me, Jesus is the FULFILLMENT of the spoken word of PROPHECY. The word was with God and [a] “God” was the word. John 1:1 is just like “light” was the word in Genesis 1:3. To me, Jesus began as a THOUGHT in God’s mind as God's secret plan of salvation. Not just the salvation of mankind that He had not yet created, but also the RESTORATION of the entire universe back to being at PEACE having no WAR. In other words, God created the human race to put an END to Satan His enemy, and all EVIL. Please read the studies under the heading >>>WHY ARE WE HERE-IS GOD AT WAR?<<< But for now, let us continue with this in-depth study of Micah 5:2 to learn its TRUE SOUND Biblical meaning, according to the WHOLE word of Almighty God and not according to cherry-picked verses of Scripture being taken out of their context and interpreted incorrectly.


Here is Micah 5:2 from the New International Reader Bible.


“The LORD says, ‘Bethlehem, you might not be an important town in the NATION of Judah. But OUT of YOU WILL COME a ruler over Israel for me. His FAMILY LINE goes back to the early years of your nation. It goes all the way back to days of long ago.’ Bethlehem was also called Ephrathah.”


This verse clearly shows us that the ORIGIN of the Messiah or the King that is PROPHESIED TO COME, WILL COME OUT of the FAMILY LINE of the nation of Judah, and his ORIGIN was PURPOSED all the way back to days of long ago.


Here is Micah 5:2 from the Young's Literal Translation.


“And thou, Beth-Lehem Ephratah, Little to be among the chiefs of Judah! From thee to Me he cometh forth -- to be ruler in Israel, And his COMINGS FORTH [are] of old, From the days of antiquity.”


From this translation, we can see that this verse is speaking of the FIRST AND SECOND COMINGS of the Messiah and that his ORIGIN or his FAMILY LINE will be from JUDAH.

Now, I would like you to read Isaiah 13:6-10, which is a PROPHECY of the SECOND GOING FORTH of Messiah, or SECOND COMING of the Jesus to execute the wrath of Almighty God.


Isaiah 13:6-10.


“Howl you; for the day of the LORD is at hand; it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty.

7. Therefore, shall all hands be faint, and every man's heart shall melt:

8.  And they shall be afraid: pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them; they shall be in pain as a woman that travails: they shall be amazed one at another; their faces shall be as flames.

9. Behold, the day of the LORD comes, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.

10. For the STARS of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the SUN shall be darkened IN his GOING FORTH, and the MOON shall not cause her light to shine.”


Can you not see my dear brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ, that Micah 5:2 is speaking of the GOINGS forth of Jesus have been PURPOSED or ORDAINED from ANCIENT times for the Messiah's ANCESTRY or FAMILY LINE to be out of Judah and NOT that the SON OF Almighty God was BEGOTTEN in eternity past. And the SECOND GOING FORTH of Jesus is his SECOND COMING.

Also, the Hebrew word translated as GOINGS FORTH also means ORIGIN speaking of ANCESTRY, FAMILY LINE, or DESCENT. Jesus was BORN into existence through the family line of the tribe of Judah.

So, I myself must conclude that Micah 5:2 is NOT speaking of Jesus ACTUALLY and LITERALLY being BEGOTTEN by Almighty God in the eternity past. But rather, this verse is speaking of the ORIGIN of Jesus being OUT of the ANCESTRY or the FAMILY LINE of JUDAH and that his TWO GOINGS FORTH were ORDAINED by his God and Father from ANCIENT times even before the foundation of the world. For the true sound Biblical meaning of the foundation of the world please read the study “WHAT DOES THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD TRULY MEAN?” For you see it does NOT mean in the eternity past.

Again, this interpretation of Micah 5:2 AGREES with the interpretation that Jesus pre-existed as the WORD WITHIN Almighty God who BROUGHT FORTH His SPOKEN WORD out from Himself as PROPHECY to ONE DAY bring forth His Son in the fullness of the time when the Word was CONCEIVED in the womb of the Virgin Mary to be BORN or be BEGOTTEN as the Son of MAN to BE called the SON OF the HIGHEST.

If you have never heard of the gap theory of the pre-Adamite or pre-Adamic race that was destroyed in the Luciferian flood BEFORE God created the first man Adam, then please read the study “THE GAP THEORY and THE PRE-ADAMIC RACE!” And if you TRULY want to know the TRUTH of WHEN Jesus actually became the ETERNAL Son of God then please read the three-part in-depth study called “WHEN DID JESUS BECOME GOD’S ETERNAL SON? 1” You will find links to part 2 and part 3 in part 1. It is best if you read all three parts.

And if you are struggling with another verse which proves to you that Jesus MUST have PRE-EXISTED in eternity past as Almighty God HIMSELF, as God the SON, or as God named the Word, then please click on the heading at the top of the page or right here in this study, >>>A LIST OF THE STUDIES ON THE TRINITY!<<< After you click on that link you will find studied on all the verses used to teach that Jesus LITERALLY pre-existed in eternity past as the ETERNAL God who existed WITH the ETERNAL God in eternity past. And if you are an Oneness Christians, then I implore you to read all the studies under the heading at the top of my homepage called >>>IS THE DOCTRINE OF ONENESS BIBLICAL?<<<

Thanks for reading and may God bless you richly as you continue to seek the TRUTH of the WHOLE word of Almighty God.

Your brother in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Brother Mark.








To me, the best way to know the ONE true God in ONE person is to know who Jesus TRULY IS according to the WHOLE word of Almighty God so please read ALL the studies under the heading >>>WHO IS JESUS ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE?<<< and you will see that the Bible itself teaches us that Jesus was CREATED by his God and Father. And if you have any questions related to the correct meaning of certain verses of Scripture on this subject of who Jesus is please read all the studies under the two headings >>>A LIST OF STUDIES ON THE TRINITY!<<< and >>>VERSES USED TO TEACH THAT JESUS PRE-EXISTED!<<< These two headings have ALL the studies that I have on who Jesus truly is according to what the Bible itself teaches us in simplicity. I compiled these three headings to make it easy for my readers to send just one, two, or three links to those you desire to help understand what the Bible itself teaches concerning who Jesus is in the LIGHT of the WHOLE word of Almighty God.

Thanks for reading and may God bless you richly as you continue to seek the truth of the whole word of Almighty God.


Your brother in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Brother Mark.