Micah 5:2 His goings forth, FROM EVERLASTING



       Does Micah 5:2 where the goings forth of Jesus have been from old, from everlasting mean that Jesus did NOT have a BEGINNING? Does Micah 5:2 prove without a doubt that Jesus has always existed with Almighty God the Father? Does Micah 5:2 prove beyond any shadow of a doubt the Jesus IS THE ALMIGHTY God who has always possessed IMMORTALITY? In other words, does Micah 5:2 prove the doctrine of the trinity and the doctrine of the deity of Jesus where Jesus is coequal and co eternal with Almighty God as the second person of the trinity and that Jesus is FULLY THE ALMIGHTY God in the flesh and fully man at the same time having TWO natures one divine and one human?

       Here is Micah 5:2.

     “But you, Bethlehem Ephratah, though you be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of you SHALL he COME FORTH unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose GOINGS FORTH (or whose ORIGIN) have been from of old, from everlasting.”

       This verse is a PROPHECY or the COMING Messiah who will be BORN or COME FORTH as a MAN out of the little town of Bethlehem. And this PROPHECY or more precisely this PLAN of Almighty God had its GOINGS FORTH or ORIGIN from of OLD from AGES ago before the foundation of the world.

       Let us read this same verse from a few other translations and you will see that the Hebrew word for "GOINGS FORTH" has several meanings from ancestry, family linage, origin to purpose or plan.

       Here is Micah 5:2 from the Bible in Basic English.

     “And you, Beth-lehem Ephrathah, the least among the families of Judah, out of you one WILL COME to me who is to be ruler in Israel; whose going out has been PURPOSED from time past, from the eternal days.”

       In other words, this PLAN of Almighty God has been PURPOSED from the very beginning before God ever created mankind. That is to say Jesus did not actually literally exist UNTIL he was BORN as a HUMAN Being by the spoken WORD of Almighty God who moved upon his very own spoken word to beget his Son that he named Jesus, which means the SALVATION OF YAHWEH. You see my dear brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ, the word of God teaches us that Jesus did indeed have a BEGINNING. It may be that the WORD that was WITH God in the beginning was and actual separate SPIRIT BEING that was a part of Almighty God the ETERNAL SPIRIT, although I myself have not found any SOUND BIBLICAL evidence to truly support this interpretation. OR it may be that Jesus the SON OF Almighty God only existed in the mind and plan of God to one day bring FORTH just as Micah 5:2 teaches us. Let us keep reading and see what some other translations say.

       Here is Micah 5:2 from the Common English Bible.

     “As for you, Bethlehem of Ephrathah, though you are the least significant of Judah's forces, one who is to be a ruler in Israel on my behalf will come out from you. His ORIGIN is from remote times, from ancient days.”

       In this translation we clearly see that Jesus did indeed have an ORIGIN, which means that Jesus did indeed have a BEGINNING no matter how long ago that beginning or ORIGIN may have been. You see dear child of God the Bible does not say when Yahweh PLANNED to have a SON. God's very first thought may have been I am alone and I want to have a SON. So God may have PLANNED to have a SON right from the very beginning before Yahweh created anything whatsoever. 

       Some Christians teach that the FIRST thing Yahweh brought forth into existence was his SON and then his SON created every things else. Many other Christians like myself do NOT believe that this is a true sound Biblical teaching. 

       Other Christians believe that Jesus was NOT brought forth into existence at all and the he was WITHOUT a beginning and has always been is existence WITH Yahweh at his side as God the SON the second person of a triune God. Again many Christians like myself do NOT believe that this is a true sound Biblical teaching either. 

        And yet other Christian believe that Jesus preexisted as Yahweh HIMSELF being ONE God is ONE person, which is what I and many other Christians believe as well, BUT NOT is the same way the ONENESS believers teach their doctrine, which is that Yahweh REMAINED fully Yahweh when Yahweh HIMSELF manifested HIMSELF in the flesh. 

        In other words what I myself and many other true born again Christians who sincerely love Jesus with all or our hearts believe is that when Yahweh himself BECAME flesh by speaking forth his word from within himself he then STRIPPED himself f ALL his DIVINE nature and power to take on the NATURE of HUMANS. An  d then at the baptism of Jesus Yahweh HIMSELF came down from heaven to DWELL IN the flesh that he himself brought into existence by his spoken word being conceived in the womb of the virgin Mary who when she BELIEVED God's spoken word to her she said be it done according to your word.

        Let us continue this study in God's word by reading some other translations where we see this COMING FORTH of Jesus to be both his BIRTH and his yet FUTURE coming forth to rule FOR Yahweh for a 1000 years and then commit the kingdom of God back into the hands of his God and Father Yahweh himself.

        Here is Micah 5:2 from the God's Word Translation

     “You, Bethlehem Ephrathah, are too small to be included among Judah's cities. Yet, from you Israel's future ruler will come for me. His ORIGINS go back to the distant past, to days long ago.”

       So again we do not see the ORIGIN of Jesus being in ETERNITY PAST, but rather in the distant past to DAYS long ago. In this next translation we will see that the ORIGINS of Jesus is speaking of his HUMAN ANCESTRY or his FAMILY LINE being FROM the SEED of Jacob and the tribe of Judah through the linage of David. These all existed days long ago before the prophet Micah.

       Here is Micah 5:2 from the Good New Translation.

     “The Lord says, Bethlehem Ephrathah, you are one of the smallest towns in Judah, but out of you I will bring a ruler for Israel, whose FAMILY LINE goes back to ancient times.”

       Again the prophet Micah was a later prophet long after Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, which is the FAMILY line of Jesus from which he came forth and was born of the Virgin Mary. This is a PROPHECY of the coming Messiah which Almighty God will BRING FORTH and raise up from AMONG the people. To me this verse has NOTHING to do with a PREEXISTING Jesus except that Jesus existed in the MIND and PLAN of Almighty God the eternal Spirit to one day BRING FORTH as his LAMB to redeem mankind back to himself through his only BEGOTTEN SON Jesus.

       Here is Micah 5:2 from the New International Reader's Version.

     “The LORD says, "Bethlehem, you might not be an important town in the nation of Judah. But out of you will come a ruler over Israel for me. His FAMILY LINE goes back to the early years of your nation. It goes all the way back to days of long ago." Bethlehem was also called Ephrathah.”

       Again none of these translations even hint of Jesus preexisting for all eternity. In fact they clearly teach just the OPPOSITE, because to have an ORIGIN means without fail that one cannot be ETERNAL. Some of these translations speak of his goings forth as his ancestry or his family line going back long ago. Other translations speaking of his ORIGIN being from ancient times. And one translation says the PURPOSE of his ORIGIN has always been from all eternity. But all of these translations are all speaking of his GOINGS FORTH as WHAT is being the ORIGIN or the BEGINNING which took place long ago in eternity past. In other words, it was the PLANS Yahweh made for BRING FORTH TWO goings forth of his SON that had their ORIGIN in ages long ago. And these two GOINGS FORTH were the FIRST coming or the first going forth of God's SPOKEN word to be conceived in the womb of a virgin to bring forth a CHILD just like the PROPHECIES of OLD foretold and yet to be is the SECOND going forth of Jesus, which is speaking of the RETURN of Jesus. 

        So you see dear child of God Micah 5:2 has nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus, the SON, God the SON or some separate spirit being called the Word preexisting for all eternity past WITH Yahweh at his side as a separate person. The FIRST going forth did NOT occur UNTIL God's SPOKEN word was conceived in the womb of the virgin Mary to be born as a HUMAN child who would be called the SON OF the highest God Yahweh the one true and only ALMIGHTY god and creator of ALL things including bringing FORTH his SON Jesus into existence. It was the "GOINGS FORTH" which had their ORIGIN from everlasting or form ages long ago. You see dear child of God Yahweh PLANNED that his SON Jesus be a LAMB SLAIN long ago before the foundations of the world, but this does NOT mean that Jesus was SLAIN from everlasting, but rather that the PLAN of the Lamb of God being SLAIN was made long ago form everlasting.     

        Please read the study “DID JESUS HAVE A BEGINNING?” for a deeper understanding that the HUMAN Jesus did indeed have a beginning. Also please read the study “UNDERSTANDING WHY?” for a deeper understanding that even the Word that was WITH God in a beginning had to be BROUGHT FORTH at some point in time even though in may have been so long ago one might as well say from eternity past.

         But for now THINK things through for YOURSELF. The very meaning of the word "ORIGIN" in this verse proves beyond any shadow of a doubt the Jesus did indeed HAVE a BEGINNING. Therefore Jesus could NOT be Yahweh HIMSELF because Yahweh has never had a BEGINNING of ORIGIN. Jesus himself said that he COME FORTH OUT FROM Yahweh, which AGREE perfectly in harmony with the REST of God's word SPEAKING all things into existence by the IMAGE God has WITHIN himself coming out of his mouth to BECOME that IMAGE of God.

         Thanks for reading. May God bless you richly as you continue to seek the TRUTH of the WHOLE word of Almighty God. Below are some other verses that are used to try and support the doctrine of the trinity and the deity of Jesus. There may be other verses which you may be having trouble seeing any other way than what you were dogmatically taught over and over for so long, but I assure you that each and every verse used by those who teach the doctrine of the trinity does indeed have a different meaning that does NOT CONTRADICT any other part of God's word. If there is a verse that I have not listed please do not hesitate to write and let me know. Some verse are included in others studies and they may not appear as an individual study.If there is a verse of verses that you seem to struggle with only being able to see the doctrine of the trinity when you read this verse, then please search out the truth be listening to the other side of the controversy. No one can arrive at the truth by hearing only ONE side of the controversy. I only present you with ALL the evidence that I myself have found and leave it to you to decide what you want to believe.

       Your brother in our Lord Jesus Christ,



       Verses used to try and support the doctrine of the trinity.

            Genesis 1:26--- Let us make man in our image.

            Genesis 18:1-3 Was Jesus ONE of the THREE MEN or angels who APPEARED to Abraham?

       Genesis 19:24--- YHWH rained down fire... from YHWH.

            Isaiah 6:3--- Holy, Holy, Holy.

            Isaiah 7:14--- Call his name Immanuel (meaning God with us)

            Isaiah 9:6--- Mighty God, Everlasting Father.

            Isaiah 48:16--- The Lord and his Spirit has sent me (trinity)

       Micah 5:2--- From everlasting.

       Zechariah 12:10--- Look upon me whom they have pierced.

            Matthew 1:23--- Emmanuel, being interpreted God with us.

       Matthew 28:19---In the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.

            John 1:1--- And the Word was God.

            John 2:19-22--- Jesus raised himself from the dead.

            John 5:18--- Making himself equal with God.

            John 8:24--- If you do not believe I am [he], you shall die...

            John 8:58--- Before Abraham was, I am.

            John 10:30--- I and my Father are one.

            John 14:19--- He who has seen me has seen the Father.

            John 20:28--- My Lord and my God.

       Acts 20:28--- He has purchased with his own blood.

       Romans 9:5--- Christ came...God blessed forever.

            2 Corinthians 13:14---Trinity

            Ephesians 3:9-11---DID JESUS CREATE ALL THINGS?

            Colossians 2:9--- Godhead.

            Philippians 2:6---Thought it not robbery to be equal with God.

            1 Timothy 3:16--- God was manifest in the flesh.

            Titus 2:13--- Looking for... our great God and Savior Jesus...

       TITUS 3:2 God our Savior toward man APPEARED

            Hebrews 1:8--- Your throne O' God.

            Hebrews 7:1-3 ---Is Melchizedek a theophany of Jesus?---Who is Melchizedek?

       1 John 5:7--- And these three are one.

       1 John 5:20--- Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God...

            2 Peter 2:1--- God and our Savior Jesus Christ.

            2 Peter 3:18--- Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Isaiah 43:11)

            Revelation 1:8--- I am Alpha and Omega...the Almighty.

       Revelation 1:17--- First and the Last (Isaiah 44:6)

            Revelation 17:14--- WHO IS THE KING OF KINGS.

            Thanks for reading. May God bless you richly as you continue to seek the TRUTH of the WHOLE word of Almighty God.

       Your brother in our Lord Jesus the CHRIST.