It should go without saying that when Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary that his Virgin birth was certainly “a” beginning of Jesus as the Son of MAN. Isaiah 9:6,7 is a PROPHECY saying “Unto us, a CHILD IS BORN.” And prophecy is the foretelling of something that has not yet happened. A prophecy is God DECLARING the END FROM the beginning. Now, we as Christians know and understand that this prophecy of a CHILD being BORN was fulfilled in the New Testament by the Son of MAN, Jesus, being born of the Virgin Mary.

This was the FIRST time that God SENT his spoken word into the earth to bring into existence his ONLY BEGOTTEN Son into the world born of a WOMAN WITHOUT a HUMAN father. Adam was also called the son of God but Adam was not born, but rather, God formed Adam’s body from the dust of the ground and breathed His Spirit of life into Adam. My point is that when something is FIRST it is a BEGINNING of that something that never existed before that time it was brought into existence. Adam was the FIRST human and before Adam, the HUMAN race did not exist. Therefore, all the bones that are older than 6000 years do NOT belong to the human race that is also called the Adamic race. So, rest assured that evolution is a lie of science that is falsely called science. Evolution is a man-made THEORY. The point that I am making is that God works in STEPS. If you understand dispensations then you know that God is PROCESSING toward and END GOAL.

Now, John 1:14 says that the Word was MADE flesh and dwelt among us. This had NEVER ever happened before. So this was a FIRST or the BEGINNING of Jesus being born of a woman and the “LOGOS” partaking of a flesh and blood NATURE just like you and me in every respect. So then, the HUMAN Jesus did indeed have a BEGINNING as the Son of MAN.

Every Christian knows that John 1:1 says that the Word was with God in the beginning before the foundation of the earth. BUT was the Word a WHO? OR was the Word a WHAT? To ME, the answer is right before our eyes. But many Christians have MISSED the TRUE SOUND Biblical answer that the Word is a WHAT and NOT a WHO! The Bible ITSELF does not say that God sent down his pre-existing eternal Son to become flesh and remain the fully Almighty God, Yahweh. But rather the word of TRUTH says that Almighty God SENT his word into the earth by the angel Gabriel to the virgin whose name was Mary. And then, the angel Gabriel SPOKE the word that God gave Gabriel to SPEAK to Mary, who then, in turn, came into AGREEMENT with the SPOKEN word of prophecy by saying, be it done according to your word. And then, the SPOKEN “Word became flesh, as in, the Word of PROPHECY was MADE flesh and dwelt among men as the human Son of the Highest. Jesus was never referred to as the Son of God until the time of his baptism. And Jesus was first called God by Thomas AFTER Yahweh glorified the Son of Man, Jesus, to MAKE him Lord and a god.

In other words, the ONLY BEGOTTEN Son of God was brought forth into existence by the spoken WORD of God to be CONCEIVED in the womb of a woman by the Holy Spirit. And then the HUMAN child who was born of the Virgin Mary was then GIVEN the name JESUS, or Yashua in Hebrew, which means Yahweh SAVES.       

So then, the Virgin BIRTH of the child named Jesus was the BEGINNING of the Son of MAN, the HUMAN Jesus who would one day BECOME the divine eternal Son of God AFTER the cross who will be called the God of the whole earth in the world to come. In other words, the Virgin birth of the Son of MAN, Jesus, is when Almighty God actually BECAME a FATHER and Jesus BECAME God's Son, but NOT when the Son of MAN became God's, ETERNAL Son. Remember that a single 24 hour day to us is as 1000 years with God and 1000 years is as a single day. So the Virgin birth of the Son of MAN was the BEGINNING of Jesus becoming God's ETERNAL Son. Jesus did not actually become God's ETERNAL divine Son until AFTER the cross, more on this shortly. Also, for all the Scriptures on Jesus BECOMING God’s eternal Son, please read the three-part study “WHEN DID JESUS BECOME GOD’S ETERNAL SON?”

But for now, please take a look at Hebrews 1:5 which is a PROPHECY from the Old Testament clearly teaching us that on a CERTAIN SPECIFIC day in the FUTURE that God WILL BECOME a FATHER by begetting his FIRST BEGOTTEN Son. Always remember that PROPHECY is the foretelling of something to come into existence that has not PRE-EXISTED before except in the mind and plan of God that God spoke forth out from his mouth to bring it into existence.

Hebrews 1:5.

“For unto which of the angels said he at any time, You are my Son, THIS DAY have I BEGOTTEN you? And again, I WILL be to him a Father, and he SHALL be to me a Son.”

This verse clearly shows us that Almighty God was not always a FATHER to his Son, Jesus. And this verse in Hebrews 1:5 also clearly teaches us that Jesus was BROUGHT FORTH by Almighty God on a CERTAIN SPECIFIC DAY. It was at this time in HISTORY that was PROPHESIED as “THIS DAY” that was when God BEGAT his FIRSTBORN Son in the Father’s perfectly expressed IMAGE. It was at that moment in TIME that Almighty God BECAME a FATHER. Again, the “THIS DAY” BEGAN the day Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. BUT the “THIS DAY” was not completed until God raised the Son of MAN from the dead and GAVE Jesus the divine nature of IMMORTALITY to never die again. 

Now, Jesus became God's ONLY begotten Son but NOT to be God's ONLY son forever. The Bible says in Romans 8:29 that Jesus was the FIRSTBORN of many brethren.

Romans 8:29.

“For whom He (Almighty God) did foreknow, He also did predestine to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he (Jesus) might be the FIRSTBORN among many brethren.”

This, of course, is speaking of the BEGINNING of Jesus as his BECOMING God's NEW CREATION, as in, Jesus being the FAITHFUL witness to become the BEGINNING of the creation of God. 

Please read Revelation 3:14.  

“And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things says the Amen, the faithful and true WITNESS, the beginning of the creation of God;” 

Jesus is NOT saying that he himself is the creator or even that he helped God create everything that exists. Rather, Jesus is saying that BECAUSE he OVERCAME sin to be the TRUE and FAITHFUL witness that Almighty God the Father BEGAN His NEW creation of RIGHTEOUS divine eternal beings to replace Lucifer and the fallen angels WITH the Son of MAN, Jesus, being His FIRSTBORN among MANY brethren. That is what this verse truly means in the LIGHT of the WHOLE word of Almighty God. The now eternal Son of MAN after the cross is the BEGINNING of GOD’S creation, as in, God’s NEW creation.

Please read Psalm 102:18.

“This shall be written for the generation to come: (Speaking of the mortals DURING the Millennial reign of Jesus) and the people which SHALL BE CREATED shall praise the LORD.” 

And the people who SHALL BE CREATED is speaking of all the faithful and true witnesses or believers in Jesus who will be CHANGED from mortal to IMMORTAL AT the coming of Jesus. And this NEW righteous creation of many BRETHREN of Jesus will rule and reign WITH Jesus over the mortals during the 1000 year reign of Jesus.

So then, the firstborn in Romans 8:29 and in Colossians 1:15 do NOT mean that Jesus was born in eternity past and then Jesus created all things. Nor do Romans 8:29 and in Colossians 2:17 refer to when Jesus was BORN of the Virgin Mary to become flesh. Yes, the BEGINNING in John 1:1,14 is referring to the virgin birth and HOW Jesus had a beginning as the Son of MAN. But the spoken word of prophecy to become FLESH is NOT all that was PROPHESIED. Jesus was also prophesied to be EXALTED to be a King and to be the God of the whole earth that he redeemed through his shed blood.

Here is what John 1:1,14 says.

“In the BEGINNING was the Word. And the Word was WITH God. And the Word WAS God

...14. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”

Let me say something that may sound impossible to SOME of you but please know and understand that nothing is impossible for God to do. I want you to read John 1:1 as a PROPHECY rather than a historical event in eternity past. Read John 1:1 as you read Genesis 1:3 where God said “Let there be LIGHT and light came into being” Read John 1:1 as follows. “And the word [of PROPHECY] was [a] GOD. For you see, a God came into being AFTER the cross.

In other words, INSTEAD of the word of prophecy was LIGHT in Genesis 1:3, the word of prophecy in John 1:1 was a GOD and then that spoken word of prophecy came to pass when the Son of MAN Jesus was made to become the Lord of lords and the King of kings BY Yahweh to rule FOR Yahweh in the world to come as the God of the whole earth in the NAME OF Yahweh. You see, if we truly consider this FACT that the Word was there in the beginning WITH God that had NOT YET been MANIFESTED or brought forth into being as yet as God's Son in HUMAN form and then read John 1:14 we can clearly see that the SPOKEN word of PROPHECY became FLESH that was made a little LOWER or INFERIOR to the angels. And THEN after the Son of MAN was GIVEN to die on the cross the Son of man was HIGHLY exalted and MADE to be Lord of the Sabbath to rule for Yahweh in the world to come. Remember that the prophecy says that a CHILD would be BORN and then it says that a SON will be GIVEN. And Jesus said that when the Son of MAN was lifted up we would know that he is the Messiah.

Please read John 8:28.

Then said Jesus unto them, When you have lifted up the Son of MAN, then shall ye know that I am he and that I do NOTHING OF myself; but as my Father has taught me, I speak these things.

Now please read John 1:14. 

“And the Word was MADE flesh and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory of the ONLY BEGOTTEN of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”

Now, we can conclude that the Word PREEXISTED WITH God in the BEGINNING before the Word was MADE flesh and THEN given the NAME of Jesus. But again, was the Word in John 1:1 a separate divine eternal being who was literally with God at the side of God who volunteered to come down from heaven to become flesh? Or does the word of TRUTH clearly teach us that the word in John 1:1 is God’s spoken word of PROPHECY that came forth OUT FROM the MOUTH of God that became flesh? For you see, the Apostles and the disciples of Jesus did not see the GLORY of the Son of MAN, Jesus, until AFTER God raised him from the dead and GLORIFIED Jesus with the divine nature of IMMORTALITY.      

So then, when the word was made flesh in the womb of the Virgin Mary that is the BEGINNING of Jesus being the ONLY begotten Son of MAN as a MORTAL human being. For you see, Jesus first began to be called the Son of God at his baptism, which is when God ANOINTED Jesus with POWER from on high and SENT his ANOINTED Son into the world. It was at this time during the ministry of Jesus that Jesus came to be called the Son of God only by his faithful followers. Other people wondered, is this the Son of God? And then at the cross, the soldier said truly this is the Son of God. Now, Jesus himself knew at the age of twelve years old that God was his true Father but it was John the Baptist who was the first person to actually proclaimed that Jesus is the Son of God, the LAMB of God which would take away the sins of the people.

John 1:29-34.

“The next day John saw Jesus coming unto him, and said, Behold the Lamb of God, which takes away the sin of the world. (Revelation 13:8 teaches us that Jesus was SLAIN FROM the foundation of the world which means that in the MIND and PLAN of God Jesus was ordained to be God’s Passover LAMB. And Almighty God revealed this truth to the PROPHET John the Baptist who then PROPHESIED verse 29 through verse 34)

30.  This is he of whom I said After me, will come a man which is preferred before me: for he was before me. (Or the Messiah was prophesied before I was ever born) 

31.  And I knew him not: but that he should be made manifest to Israel, therefore, am I come baptizing with water. 

32.  And John bare record, saying, I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it abode upon him. 

33.  And I knew him not: but he that sent me to baptize with water, the same said unto me, Upon whom you shall see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is he which baptizes with the Holy Ghost. 

34.  And I saw, and bare record that this is the Son of God.”

Now, religion teaches Christians that God’s Son always existed without ever having a beginning because Orthodox Christianity sincerely believes from Roman Catholic Church TRADITION that Jesus is fully Almighty God Yahweh himself and fully a human being at the same time, having TWO natures, one divine, and one human. But yet, Orthodox Christianity has failed to produce even one verse of Scripture that teaches us that Jesus had TWO NATURES at the same time DURING the days of his FLESH. The fully God fully man teaching came from the Roman Catholic Church councils over several centuries of ARGUING the nature of Jesus. One of those Catholic creeds says that Jesus is True God FROM True God. And that is pretty close IF it was not for the two natures at the same time DURING the days of his FLESH. And IF it was not for the demanding that Jesus is the ALMIGHTY God.

The Bible ITSELF teaches us that it was AFTER the cross when God GLORIFIED the Son of MAN. It was AFTER the cross when God raised the Son of MAN from the dead and GAVE his Son eternal life that was WHEN Jesus actually BECAME the ETERNAL Son of God. It was AFTER the cross when Almighty God the Father HIGHLY exalted the Son of MAN to be MADE the Lord of lords and the King of kings to rule FOR Yahweh as the God of the whole EARTH and NOT as the God of the whole UNIVERSE.

Notice that the Bible ITSELF says that in the BEGINNING was the Word, and the Word was WITH God. And then the Word was MADE flesh and dwelt among us. The Bible does NOT say that in the beginning was JESUS, and JESUS was with God, and JESUS was God. But rather the plain, clear, and SIMPLE word of TRUTH states that the Word was with God in the BEGINNING and the word was made FLESH. So rather than forcing the Word to be a separate divine eternal being who was with God at God’s side in eternity past, I want my readers to at least try and understand John 1:1-1 in another way. Try to understand John 1:1 as being PROPHECY. In other words, the Apostle John is teaching us HOW Jesus came into being the same way that Luke 1:26-45 teaches us HOW Jesus came into being. Had not Mary BELIEVED the SPOKEN word of PROPHECY, there would have been no Messiah born to her. And God would have had to wait for another Virgin to BELIEVE for his Messiah to be conceived in her womb.

Here is ANOTHER way of viewing this verse in John 1:1. Now, I myself believe God had in his mind and plan to DETHRONE and destroy Lucifer by having a HUMAN Son FIRST who would OBEY the will of Yahweh and NOT rebel as Lucifer did. Remember the PROPHECY in Isaiah 9:6 says that a CHILD would be BORN and THEN a SON would be GIVEN. The word of TRUTH does NOT say that a Son would be given and THEN a child would be born. BUT Orthodox Christianity has got things BACKWARDS by saying that God the Son incarnated himself to become God’s Son.

The TRUTH of the matter is that Jesus was made a little LOWER or INFERIOR to the angels FIRST and THEN the HUMAN Jesus was EXALTED to BECOME a God to rule FOR Yahweh during Yahweh’s SABBATH day of rest in the world to come. And God had this plan in his mind WITHIN himself before God RE-created the earth that BECAME void during the WAR that Lucifer and the fallen angels waged against Almighty God. Please read all the studies under the heading >>>WHY ARE WE HERE---IS GOD AT WAR?<<< 

But for now, please know and understand that to teach that Jesus is FULLY the ALMIGHTY God and fully a human being at the SAME time having TWO nature, one divine, and one human is a direct CONTRADICTION to the word of TRUTH which clearly teaches us that Jesus was FIRST made a little LOWER than the ANGLES. So are the ANGELS equal to Almighty God in every way where no angel is less than or greater than Yahweh? NO! Absolutely NOT! Again, Orthodox Christianity has it WRONG! The doctrine of the Trinity Godhead CONTRADICTS the Holy Scriptures in so many ways that it is hard for me to see how any Christian can continue to believe such blatantly false teaching unless that is the ONLY teaching that they have ever heard.

Also, I do not believe that the word of God is clear enough to dogmatically say that Jesus was God MANIFESTED in a bodily form as the SON of Almighty God as the Oneness Christians sincerely believe and teach because that is the ONLY thing that makes sense to THEM as to how Jesus is called God and the Father is God. All we can say with absolute certainty cornering John 1:1 is that the Word was with God in the beginning. Then the Word at a certain point in time BECAME flesh. And it was at this point in time that the CHILD was born to the Virgin Mary. And then the child born of Mary was given the name Jesus. And as Jesus was growing up to become an adult, called the Son of MAN, the Holy Spirit TAUGHT the child Jesus that he was the CHOSEN one to be Yahweh’s Messiah. So to dogmatically demand that Jesus always LITERALLY existed in eternity past is not SOUND Biblical teaching. Nor is it sound Biblical teaching to say that God the SON has always existed with Almighty God at God’s side in eternity past. To ME, that kind of teaching goes way beyond what the word of truth ACTUALLY teaches in the LIGHT of the WHOLE word of Almighty God.

Here is something else that every Christian should be made aware of. Please notice that the Bible says, “In the BEGINNING was the Word. Now, we have been TAUGHT by mainstream Christianity that the BEGINNING in John 1:1 means from EVERLASTING or ETERNITY past BEFORE any creation was created. This interpretation of John 1:1 as being the original beginning of the creation of the entire universe would mean that the Word was eternal and had no beginning because God created everything by His WORD. And, therefore, the Word would be one and the self-same being as Almighty God who ALONE has always been eternal having no beginning. For you see, the Bible teaches us that Yahweh ALONE and by HIMSELF created the heavens and the earth.

Please read Isaiah 44:24.  

“Thus says the LORD, your redeemer, and He that formed you from the womb, I am the LORD (Or I am Yahweh) that makes all things; that stretches forth the heavens ALONE; that spreads abroad the earth by MYSELF;” 

So then, is the Orthodox teaching that Jesus IS the CREATOR the CORRECT interpretation of what “In the beginning” actually means in John 1:1? Or does the BEGINNING actually mean “A” beginning, as in, the RE-creating of the heavens and the earth that BECAME void and vacant of its inhabitants and NOT the ORIGINAL creation of the entire universe? Again, please read all the studies under the heading >>>WHY ARE WE HERE---IS GOD AT WAR?<<<

But for now, let us examine another way of viewing the meaning of some verses in the Bible that we have been dogmatically taught to believe that Jesus IS Almighty God HIMSELF during the days of his flesh having TWO natures at the SAME time, one divine and one human. And, therefore, the SON OF God has always been ETERNAL and without beginning or end.

Now, if one chooses to believe that the creation account in Genesis chapter 1 is the ORIGINAL creation of the entire universe in eternity past the end result will be the same. In other words, if you believe the creation account in Genesis is NOT God RESTORING the earth that BECAME void and empty, you would still read Genesis 1:1as “In the BEGINNING GOD…” That is it, in the beginning, ONLY God ALONE existed as the creator. NO one was WITH God at His side. So then, in the BEGINNING, the SPIRIT of God was all there was. The Bible says in John 4:24 that God is a SPIRIT. The word “God” is simply a TITLE like a President or a King is a title of a person having authority and power. Satan is also called by the TITLE of “god” but that does NOT mean that Satan is one and the self-same Almighty God the CREATOR, the God OF gods.

John 4:24.

“God is a SPIRIT: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

The Spirit of God is ETERNAL

Hebrews 9:14.

“How much more shall the blood of Christ, who THROUGH the ETERNAL Spirit offered himself without spot TO God, (The ETERNAL SPIRIT) purge your dead conscience from dead works to serve the living God.”

Spirit of God PROCEEDS or comes forth from Almighty God the FATHER. 

John 15:26.

“But when the Comforted has come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which PROCEEDS from the Father, he shall testify of me.”

The Spirit of God is the eternal Spirit that proceeds from the Father, the ETERNAL SPIRIT to perform God’s prophetic word of PROPHECY creation. Please read the study “WHY THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THE FATHER!”

Genesis 1:2 says.

“...And the Spirit of God MOVED UPON the face of the waters.

This means that the eternal Spirit hovered, vibrated, or ACTED upon the face of the waters. God the Father raised his Son Jesus from the dead by the Holy Spirit. But it was PROPHESIED before the resurrection was MANIFESTED to come to pass. 

Romans 8:11.

“But if the Spirit OF Him (Almighty God the Father) that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, He (Almighty God the Father) that raised up Christ (The anointed one) from the dead shall quicken your mortal bodies BY HIS Spirit (The Spirit of Almighty God)  that dwells in you.”

The word of God shows us that the FATHER is all in all and who is over everything including his own Spirit. In other words, Almighty God the Father, who is Spirit, is the controlling AUTHORITY of his own Spirit and his Word. Figuratively speaking Yahweh has two hands, his Spirit and his word. Please read the following verses.

Psalm 92:4,5.

“For you, LORD, have made me glad through YOUR work: I will triumph in the works of  YOUR HANDS.

5.  O LORD, how great are your works! and your THOUGHTS are very deep.” 

Job 23:9.

“On the left hand, where He does work, but I cannot behold him: he hides himself on the right hand, that I cannot see him.”

Psalm 17:9.

“Show your marvelous lovingkindness, O you that save by your right hand them which put their trust in you from those that rise up against them.”

Jesus was made both Lord and Christ BY the spoken word of PROPHECY the RIGHT HAND of Yahweh. And the ANOINTING is the other HAND of Yahweh. Remember that the HAND of Yahweh was upon Elijah?

1 Kings 18:46.  

“And the hand of the LORD was on Elijah, and he girded up his loins, and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel.”

Now, God chose his spoken word of prophecy as the means by which God alone and by himself CREATES all things. So then, Yahweh ALONE is the CREATOR, and God's Spirit and his spoken word are the MEANS by which creation is brought into being. God said, “Let there be light, and the light was.”  LIGHT was the WORD in Genesis 1:3 and light came into being. And GOD was the WORD in John 1:1 and Jesus came into being to become the God of the whole earth AFTER the cross as it is prophesied. 

Please read Isaiah 54:5.  

“For your Maker is your husband; the LORD of hosts is his name;(Speaking of Yahweh the Father who alone if the CREATOR) AND your Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall HE be called.” 

Let me say this in a way so that I am NOT misunderstood. The word “LIGHT” was the PROPHESIED SPOKEN word that came forth out from the MOUTH of God in Genesis 1:3 and the word light came into being. And the word “GOD” was the PROPHESIED SPOKEN word that came forth out from the MOUTH of God in John 1:1 became a CHILD born of the Virgin Mary that was named Jesus which means the salvation of Yahweh. And the Son of MAN, Jesus, was GIVEN to die on the cross. Then, BECAUSE of the OBEDIENCE of the Son of MAN, Jesus, Yahweh HIGHLY EXALTED him to BECOME the God of the whole earth as prophesied in both Isaiah 54:5 and in John 1:1.

We know for a FACT that God SPOKE His word for many hundreds of years prophesying of his yet coming Son. And then many more hundreds of years passed before God’s spoken word of prophecy was actually made flesh. The Word was in the beginning and was with God in His thoughts and what God's thoughts were, the Word was. And God thought to destroy Lucifer and REPLACE him with another who will never even THINK to grasp at equality with God by force. The word that was with God became the IMAGE or the coded DNA of the IMAGE that was within the God of what God desired to bring forth into existence.

In other words, Almighty God, who always was, is, and is to come, is ETERNAL and has always BEEN eternal. But the word was BROUGHT FORTH OUT FROM God when God SPOKE His very FIRST word or SAYING out from His MOUTH and thus the Word has a BEGINNING as well. So every word that God speaks has a BEGINNING. Even every THOUGHT of God had a BEGINNING. God did not think every thought at the same moment. And even if God did think every thought at the exact same time all those thoughts came into existence. But none of those thoughts become CREATED until God SPEAKS forth a thought out from His mouth as prophecy.

To ME, Yahweh ALONE and by HIMSELF is the sole creator of everything that exists. So to me, FIRST, there was God being all ALONE and by Himself as the ETERNAL Spirit. Then the eternal Spirit who IS the Father of all creation began to organize THOUGHTS in His mind designing all of creation in His thoughts. Then Yahweh BROUGHT FORTH His first spoken word to bring forth one of His thoughts in His mind to come into existence. Then after the universe was created and eons of time had passed, one of God's creations named Lucifer became lifted up with pride. Over a period of time, Lucifer drew one-third of the angels over to his side to make WAR upon God’s throne. And during this war, the earth was destroyed by a great flood that some Bible scholars call the Luciferian flood to distinguish it from the flood of Noah. Please read the study “THE GAP THEORY AND THE PRE-ADAMIC RACE!” 

So to me, the Genesis account of creation, the creation account in Proverbs 8:22-31, and the phrase “In the BEGINNING” in John 1:1 all speak of the RESTORATION of the earth AFTER the earth BECAME void and empty of its inhabitants during the WAR between Satan and God and NOT the original creation in eternity past like Orthodox Christianity teaches. And even if you reject the “Gap Theory and the previous age before God created the human race” the fact still remains that the word in John 1:1 is the SPOKEN word of God and NOT a literally pre-existing divine being who was literally with God at his literal side named the Word. For you see, the Word was NOT capitalized in some earlier translations BEFORE the King James Version. Please read the study WHAT DOES JOHN 1:1-5,14 TRULY MEAN?”

Plain and SIMPLE, Almighty God began all of the creation THROUGH his SPOKEN WORD. The word was the INSTRUMENT that Almighty God chose to use to create all things and there was nothing created or made that was not created or made without Almighty God speaking forth his word. So then, the word WAS God, in that, everything God thought to do and followed through to create by forming his thoughts into his word. 

One translation of John 1:1 reads.

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and what God was that Word was.”

But before God could actually bring forth his Son in a bodily form the earth had to be made to be INHABITED. Now some will argue against this line of reasoning that Jesus only preexisted in the mind of God and will dogmatically demand that Jesus preexisted as God's eternal SON from all eternity past and they use John 17:5 to try and prove the doctrine of the Trinity.

John 17:5.

“And now, O Father, glorify you me with your own self with the glory which I HAD with you BEFORE the world was.”

As I have said many times any verse when taken out of context and viewed alone and apart from the whole word of God can seem to be saying something that it is not truly saying. Another way to look at this verse is Jesus is praying to his God and Father just before going to the cross to be crucified. The Bible teaches us that it is a CURSE to be hanged on a tree. This kind of death was a shame and there was no glory in such a death in the eyes of man. So to ME, Jesus was looking at the Holy Scriptures which spoke of him and the glory that God PROPHESIED in his word. Please read Proverbs chapter 8 where wisdom and understanding are personified as Jesus. I will just quote Proverbs 8:17-36, which speaks in the 1st person where wisdom or Jesus being in the mind of God is speaking. I will highlight all the pronouns that refer to the prophecy of Jesus in yellow and all the pronouns that refer to Yahweh the CREATOR in orange. Please notice that if you INTERPRET this passage of Scripture as a LITERAL pre-existing Jesus you will see that Jesus did not lift a finger to create anything. But as you will see toward the end of this passage of Scripture that Almighty God Yahweh is RESTORING the earth to once again be INHABITABLE.

Proverbs 8:17-36.

“I love them that love me, and those that seek me early shall find me.

18. Riches and honor are with me; yea, durable riches, and righteousness. (Yahweh put His words in the mouth of his Messiah, Jesus. And said hear you, HIM. So Jesus alone has the WORDS of ETERNAL LIFE. In other words, faith in the true gospel of Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to obtain eternal life in the world to come

19. My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; and my revenue than choice silver

20. I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment.

21. That I may cause those that love me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasures.

22. The LORD (Speaking of Yahweh, the ONE TRUE and ONLY Almighty God) possessed me (Referring to the possessing or the REDEEMING his Son Jesus from death in God’s thoughts and plan of salvation) at the beginning of HIS way, before HIS works of old. (For you see, Jesus was SLAIN BEFORE the FOUNDATION of the world. The word “HIS works” LITERALLY means before the CONTRIVANCES of Him. In other words, before Yahweh restored the earth to be habitable again He contrived a SECRET PLAN to DETHRONE Lucifer and REPLACE him with ANOTHER. Please read the study “WHAT DOES THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD TRULY MEAN?”)

23. I was SET UP (Or I Jesus was planned in Yahweh’s mind to be ANOINTED as the King over the kings of the not yet RESTORED earth that became void and empty. Jesus was foreordained to be Yahweh’s King) from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was. (Or more precisely this literally reads from ancient times I was INAUGURATED from the beginning before the PRECEDING of the earth. So to me, it appears that God sat down so to speak, and had a MEETING with the Elohim to set down some RULES or PRECEDING of the earth before Yahweh started restoring the earth for an inferior species of beings, lower than the angels, God was about to create to REPLENISH the inhabitants of the earth)

24. When there were no depths, I was BROUGHT FORTH; when there were no fountains abounding with water. (In other words, before God destroyed the earth with floodwaters God already knew that he was going to dethrone Satan and replace him with another. So in the mind and plan of God Jesus would be brought forth. The Hebrew word translated as “brought forth” also means to WAIT patiently and to WOUND. But no matter what meaning you use the FACT remains that Jesus had a BEGINNING)

25. Before the mountains were settled, before the hills were I BROUGHT FORTH: (The Hebrew word translated as “settled” also means SANK, and DROWNED. In other words before the FLOOD that drowned the mountains and the hills Jesus was bought forth and WOUNDED to patiently wait to be God’s new King in the mind of God in his THOUGHTS and plan)

26. While as yet HE (Almighty God)  had NOT made the earth, nor the fields, nor the highest part of the dust of the world. (Or while Yahweh had not yet BRUISED the earth and He had not yet SHAKEN the SNAKE like power God has a plan to replace the high ones he has set to rule over the earth in ages past. 

So then, Yahweh's first thought at the time of His RE-creating of the heavens and the earth was to have a Son who would NOT even think to grasp at equality by force with God as Lucifer did.  In other words, BEFORE the ORIGINAL creation Yahweh himself ALONE and BY HIMSELF created. But Proverbs chapter 8:22-31 is speaking of the FOUNDING of the earth, as in, Yahweh alone and by himself  RE-creating the heavens and the earth that became void, chaos, and empty of its PRE-ADAMIC race of beings during the WAR between Yahweh and Lucifer. So then, Jesus was in God's THOUGHTS while God began to RESTORE the earth FOR his yet unborn Son. Please read the study “WHAT DOES THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD MEAN?” 

For you see, the true root meaning of the Greek word translated as a foundation means the tearing down and the DETHRONING. Basically, God is dethroning Lucifer and replacing him with Jesus who will rule and reign FOR Yahweh for 1000 years in the world to come)

27. When HE (Almighty God) prepared the heavens, (Or when Yahweh fixed and rendered sure the heavens) I (Jesus) was there (Speaking of being there in Almighty God's thoughts, in God's desires and in his plans AS HE was creating the worlds FOR me): when HE set a compass upon the face of the depth: (Or the ABYSS. I believe this phrase means that God set down some rules and limits upon the fallen angels who rebelled to make war with God by chaining many of them in the ABYSS or the bottomless pit)

28. When HE established the clouds above: when HE strengthened the fountains of the deep: (Another meaning of this verse is when Yahweh ALERTED, fortified, and made stronger the firmament, as in, the ARMIES of angels in the heavens above He PREVAILED over the uprising of the ABYSS. Or Yahweh prevailed by flooding the earth. The main point that I want you to see right now is that IF SO BE Jesus was LITERALLY there at the time of original creation to the re-creation of the earth Jesus did NOTHING but WATCH Yahweh created everything ALONE and by HIMSELF. In other words, the INTERPRETATION of Jesus being the CREATOR totally CONTRADICT what the word of TRUTH teaches us here in this creation account in Proverb 8:22-31)

29. When HE gave to the sea his decree, that the waters should not pass HIS commandment: when HE appointed the foundations of the earth: (The word “sea” is sometimes used figuratively to mean the WICKED. So I am seeing both a literal and figurative meaning in this verse. The figurative means is that God laid down a foundation of laws for Satan and the fallen angels)

30. Then I (The yet future Jesus, the SON OF God) was by Him (Or WITH Almighty God in his thoughts, desires, and his plans for me to one day rule at Yahweh's right hand. I was there by him), AS ONE brought up WITH Him: and I was daily His delight, rejoicing always before Him; (This is the GLORY that I believe that Jesus was referring to in John 17:5 and was NOT truly preexisting with Almighty God and God's SON. For you see, the very next verse plainly teaches us the time frame of Jesus rejoicing in the habitable part of the earth BEFORE the earth had been made HABITABLE.)

31. Rejoicing IN the HABITABLE part of his earth and my delights were with the sons of men. (These two verses, 31 and 32 clearly teach us that Jesus preexisted WITHIN Yahweh as his dreams, desire, and plans that he himself alone and by himself would bring to pass. Jesus knew the Scriptures spoke of him so he could see what great love his God and Father had for him even before God created the worlds FOR him.)

32. Now, therefore, hearken unto me (Speaking of humans hearkening to the true Gospel of Jesus the Son of MAN, who came out from God and whom God ANOINTED to become your atonement for sins to establish God's NEW COVENANT. Hear ME), O you children: for blessed are they that keep my ways. (Speaking of the ways taught to us in the NEW Testament under the NEW COVENANT. The TWO commandments of Jesus and NOT the Law of Moses contained in ORDINANCES)

33. Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not.

34. Blessed is the man that hears me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors.

35. For whoso finds me (Jesus, the one who will shed his blood to establish a NEW COVENANT) finds life, and shall obtain favor of the LORD.

36. But he that sins against me (The SON OF Almighty God Yahweh) will wrong his own soul: all they that hate me love death.”

Now, even if you believe that John 1:1 is speaking of the original creation I pray that you can see that the Son of God had a BEGINNING. And if you believe in the gap theory and the pre-Adamic race before Lucifer became Satan then I do not see how you can believe that John 1:1 is speaking about the beginning of the original creation in eternity past. To ME, the whole Bible is about the salvation of mankind and the true believer becoming God’s NEW CREATION. So to me, John 1:1-3 is speaking about God creating new creatures created in Jesus Christ and WITHOUT Jesus, not one new creature was made that is made. Please read “WHAT DOES JOHN 1:1-3 TRULY MEAN?” And for a complete list of ALL the verses used by Orthodox Christianity to try and prove the doctrine of the Trinity please read all the studies under the heading >>>A LIST OF STUDIES ON THE TRINITY!<<< And if you are an Oneness Christians I implore you to read all the studies under the heading >>>IS THE ONENESS DOCTRINE BIBLICAL?<<<

But in my opinion, the best follow-up study to read after reading Did Jesus have a beginning is WHEN DID JESUS BECOME GOD'S ETERNAL SON?

Thanks for reading and may God bless you richly as you continue to seek the TRUTH of the WHOLE word of Almighty God.

Your brother in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Brother Mark.





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Thanks for reading and may God bless you richly as you continue seeking the truth of the whole word of God.

Your brother in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Brother Mark.