Below is a list of sound Biblical Bible studies that point out the ERRORS of INTERPRETATION made by those who teach the false doctrine of soul sleep. I simply present all of the sound Biblical evidence and then you can decide whether the doctrine of soul sleep contradicts the Bible or if it is sound Biblical teaching founded upon the WHOLE word of Almighty God. No matter what you conclude it has no bearing on whether or not a person is saved. Christians who sincerely believe that the soul sleeps in an unconscious state in the grave until the resurrection are saved just the same as Christians who believe that the doctrine of soul sleep contradicts many verses in the Bible.






























I know that some of my readers enjoy listening to video teaching on the Bible. Now, I myself do not have any of my own videos on this subject at this present time. So I went and found some videos on YouTube that are very close to what I believe that the Bible ITSELF teaches. I give a short comment before each video as a reminder that I do not believe everything that the person in the video teaches. Some videos are made by Trinitarians and thus some of their Trinitarian beliefs will be mentioned. Some videos mention the pre-tribulation rapture of the church. Some videos mention the doctrine of eternal torture in the lake of fire. And none of those teachings are what the whole word of God teaches. So I will start with some videos that show why I do NOT believe in the doctrine of eternal torment in the flames of the fire of hell.

Recommended videos on the subject of WHY the doctrine of eternal torment in hell is NOT sound Biblical teaching.

The first video is 9 minutes and it uses logic along with some Scriptures. But primarily shows why the doctrine of hell contradicts the nature of God being love. It is well worth your nine minutes if you sincerely believe in the wicked being tormented in flames of fire for all eternity which MAY include someone in your family who you love dearly.



The TRUTH about Hell

This next video, which is an hour-long teaching, is again worth your time because he brings a LOT of Scripture to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the doctrine of eternal torment in eternal flames of fire is NOT SOUND Biblical teaching.



The fire the CONSUMES!

Now that you understand that I do NOT teach the false doctrine of eternal torment in eternal flames of fire for all eternity, then you should know that I also do NOT teach that the soul is immortal.

Recommended videos on the subject of the SOUL and WHY the soul is NOT immortal. And WHY soul sleep is NOT sound Biblical teaching. Please understand that while some of these videos OTHERS will teach the false doctrine of eternal torment in hell for all eternity does NOT mean that I, myself, believe and teach the false doctrines of the immortality of the soul and eternal torment in hell. 

Now just because the soul is NOT IMMORTAL does NOT mean that the soul DIES when the physical body dies. A MORTAL soul does NOT mean that the soul ceases to exist when the body dies. A MORTAL soul does NOT mean that the soul SLEEPS in an UNCONSCIOUS state UNTIL the resurrection. In other words, just because the soul lives on after the body dies does NOT make the soul an IMMORTAL soul because there is still yet the Day of JUDGMENT. And on the final Day of Judgment God will, indeed, DESTROY BOTH the body AND the SOUL of every wicked person in the lake of fire.

It is complete nonsense for God to offer whosoever BELIEVES eternal life if so be that the soul is already immortal. Adam was NOT created as an immortal being. WHY would God have given Adam a CHOICE to eat from the tree of ETERNAL LIFE and any other tree EXCEPT for the tree of knowledge of good and evil if so be that Adam was already an immortal being? 

Again, God’s life-giving Spirit is connected to the soul UNTIL the Day of JUDGMENT. And God will, indeed, DESTROY BOTH the soul AND the body of the wicked in the lake of fire on the final Day of Judgment. And at that time the life-giving spirit form, ONLY of the wicked, will RETURN to God. And ONLY the righteous saved in Jesus will be granted the right to eat of the tree of eternal life.

The following video 6 1/2-minute video refutes the beliefs of the Jehovah's Witness but there are other Unitarian Christians who believe in the doctrine of soul sleep including SOME Biblical Unitarians, which is another reason why I do not call myself a Biblical Unitarian even though we agree on Jesus being 100% human during the days of his flesh.

Our souls sleep until the resurrection-Challenge response


Now, while I disagree with much of what pastor Steven Anderson teaches I do agree with most of what he teaches in this following 27-minute video. He explains the Scriptures very well on this particular subject. And he shows how Christians can be deceived by the teaching of men to exalt those false teaching above the Bible itself.




Seventh-Day Adventist doctrine of soul sleep.

This next video gives a good illustration between the spirit, soul, and body and how they all function either together or against each other.

Spirit, soul, and body.

Again, the spirit and the soul are CONNECTED together but they are individual parts of man. The spirit gives LIFE or consciousness to the soul. The soul communicates to the physical brain and the five physical senses of the body communicate to the physical brain. So while the spirit and soul live in the physical body, that inner man is also connected to the body and gives life to the body. The spirit and soul remain connected after the death of the physical body UNTIL the Day of Judgment. And if the spirit and soul, or more accurately, if the soul is found worthy to receive eternal life then the life-giving spirit remains connected to the soul. God then resurrects the body of the dead in Jesus Christ and re-unites the spirit and soul to its body. God then changes that mortal body to an immortal body of flesh and bone which is called a spiritual body because it has become immortal. 

This next video shows the distinctions between the spirit and the soul of man which are CONNECTED. God only separates his life-giving spirit from the souls of the wicked in the lake of fire as BOTH the SOUL AND THE BODY of the wicked are completely destroyed never to rise again. And THEN the life-giving spirit will RETURN to Yahweh on the final Day of Judgment as the soul and body of the wicked are being destroyed in the lake of fire.

Spirit versus Soul

In the following video, I agree with everything except two things. The first thing is minor but the second thing is major. The major disagreement that I have is that he believes that the soul of the wicked will live forever in torment and torture in the lake of fire. The minor disagreement is the saints that arose with Jesus do not actually become firstfruits UNTIL the first resurrection. So Jesus is the ONLY firstfruits unto God at this present time. 

When the spirit and soul leave the body at death




If you already know all there is to know concerning the false doctrine of soul sleep, WHAT MUST WE DO TO BE SAVED and receive eternal life in the world to come, there are still many other things yet to learn that will help keep you strong in your faith and help you to continue to grow stronger in your faith and closer to God. I have studies on the subjects HOW TO PRAY AND STUDY THE BIBLE and about DIVINE HEALING. And I have studies on the second coming of Jesus under the heading at the top of the page called PROPHECY-THE COMING OF JESUS. And I have many studies covering the many false teachings about how to not be deceived by those false teachings.

At the top of my homepage, there are subjects or categories which contain compiled lists of all the studies I have written on that particular subject. Or you can scroll down the menu list to find those studies as well but if you know the subject it may be easier to use the links at the top of the page. I will do my best to keep the lists of studies updated as I ADD NEW studies in that category.

Thanks for reading. And may God bless you richly as you continue to seek the truth of the WHOLE word of Almighty God. If you have any questions please feel free to write to me at MarkatAMatterOfTruth@Gmail.com

Your brother in our Lord Jesus Christ,

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