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Hi, my name is Mark.                  


                 Welcome to my HOMEPAGE at A Matter of Truth.


                 The purpose of this site here at AMatterOfTruth.com is to share with you, the reader, and the seeker of the truth, that which I have learned through studying the Bible throughout my life. During my walk with the Lord, I have encountered many controversial topics and doctrines between believers in Jesus Christ, and I know that Almighty God is not the author of this confusion and controversy. We know from God's word that He desires us all to come into the “UNITY OF BELIEVERS”

                 Now, the only way that I find to come into unity, and for all Christians to speak or teach the same thing, is to lay aside any preconceived ideas that we have formed from what we have previously been taught. Then, we need to search the word of God for the TRUTH in each matter of doctrine for ourselves. It is not about what this church teaches or what that denomination teaches. It is ultimately what does the word of TRUTH, the Holy Bible, teach us! It is a matter of coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH using only the Bible, the Holy Scriptures, as our sole foundation.

             In the sidebar or menu bar to the left is a list of studies in the word of God in which I endeavor to present all of the Scriptures on both sides of the controversy. And then, I give my opinion based solely upon all the evidence of what I have found in the Bible. And then, I leave it to YOU, the reader and seeker of the TRUTH, to draw your OWN conclusions based on the evidence of the WHOLE word of Almighty God. Please scroll down to view the complete list of Bible studies and click on the study you desire to read.

                 And with each study you read, please read carefully and prayerfully. Always be patient to read and hear the WHOLE matter before you form a conclusion because many of the studies are interrelated, and I may not have covered every point in just the one study. I suggest beginning your quest for the TRUTH by reading first the studies entitled “THE OPENING PRAYER” and “THE WHOLE MATTER”. Please click on any blue link with a title of a Bible study in quotation marks to open a new page to a related study for a deeper understanding of the WHOLE matter related to that subject. The categories of different subjects or topics are listed above in tabs for easier searching of all the studies that I presently have on that particular subject. Just click on any tab above that has the subject you desire to study, and a full list of related studies with links will be somewhere on that page. And in the side menu, I have what I call subject headings that are in arrow brackets with the >>>SUBJECT NAME<<<. And the studies below that heading are related to the TITLE of that particular heading. This way you can send just one link to someone that you want to share all of my studies related to that particular subject.

If you would like to listen to any of my Bible studies being read to you while you read along the highlighted words, then simply click on the link, Listen to my Bible studies read aloud to you! And then follow the simple step by step instructions.

May God bless you richly in your search for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. As you come to the understanding of the truth I encourage you, the reader, to copy these studies and share them with others, and to keep them in your own personal library to read over and over, again and again, to keep your mind renewed and refreshed with the word of God on a daily basis. My only request is that you do NOT SELL any of the Bible studies that I have written. Share them FREELY with as many as the Lord leads you. And as always, read the Bible every day and talk to God every day.

The word of God teaches us that there is coming a FAMINE of God's word, so it is vitally important to have God's word hidden not only in your heart but elsewhere also so that you can pass it on to others in the days ahead. While you are on a page with one of my Bible studies just place the cursor in front of the title or word where you want to begin to copy, then hold down the shift key or click the left mouse button and HOLD DOWN and while you are holding down the shift key or the left mouse button scroll down to the end of the study or where you want to stop copying and click the mouse. This should highlight the whole study or the part you desire to copy. Then right click the mouse button to open a message window and click copy. Next, open up a new document on your computer and then place the cursor on the blank page and right click the mouse and click paste. Then, you will want to save the study you have just copied on your computer to your desired location. Now you have the study on your computer to read offline. 

Thanks for being FAITHFUL to ALWAYS SHARE the word of God.

Now if you are computer savvy, then I exhort you to create your own websites to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with these and your own Bible studies. Everyone has their own personal testimony that they can share, so I encourage all of you to share your testimony. Please feel free to use any or all of the studies contained in this site, for they are the Word of God and are not personally owned by any man or woman. To God be all the glory who has brought the revelation of His Word to us all. Freely you have received and freely you shall give.  

If you have any questions or comments, then you may email me at MarkAtAMatterOfTruth@Gmail.com. Sorry in advance, but I do not give out my phone number so please be courteous and do not ask for my phone number.

When you email me for the FIRST time, then please include the name of my website AMatterOfTruth.com on the subject line to ensure that the email will be opened. Sorry, but if the name of my website does not appear on the subject line, then the email MAY possibly be treated as spam and will not be opened. And please understand my request for not asking me for my phone number. I have my own personal reasons for not giving out my phone number and home address.

Also, I have some videos on YouTube teaching the Bible in an audio format if you prefer listening to that of reading, or you can read along as you listen. My channel name is A Matter of Truth in all capital letters as one word, which you can type in the search bar on YouTube. Also, here is a link that takes you straight to my YouTube channel, A Matter of TRUTH.

Please favorite the videos that bless you so others can view them on your channel as well. It never hurts to give a vote of thumbs up as well, because some people will only view a video if it has a high rating of being liked. Also, do not forget to subscribe, so that you will stay informed of any future videos. And as always please feel free to download or copy ANY of my videos to your own computer or your YouTube channel to share with others. Once the videos are on your computer you can make DVDs to share with others as well who do not have access to a computer or the Internet. Another great way to share God's word is to just recommend these studies here at AMatterOfTruth.com Simply email a link to your family and friends or share the link verbally to people that the Holy Spirit impresses upon you to witness and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It has recently come to my attention that Google search engine has flagged my website as not being secure. My website has https format, and it shows as being SECURE on the Microsoft Edge browser. Here is a screen shot of my website search bar that I just took today on 2/7/2022. And as you can clearly see the LOCK is locked and my website is https, and the date of this screen shot is 2022-02-07 in the picture below. The big corporations decided to limit the SSL license to just one year. And that way, they can CHANGE website owners a fee every year to renew the SSL license to show that their website is secure. Kind of like BLACKMAIL, if you ask me. So, I switched to using Microsoft Edge Browser. Just to let you know, even on a SECURE website, THEY, as in, the big corporation owners of any search engine still TRACK you. I, myself, do not track anyone. I do not ask for any donations or have any advertisement. The sole purpose of my website is to FREELY share the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ.

May God bless you richly as you continue to seek the truth of the WHOLE word of Almighty God.

Your brother in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Brother Mark.

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